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10-20-18 11:38 PM

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Posted on 10-02-17 04:14 AM Link | #89809
Cool, another transgender here! ^^

I'm bisexual, although I think I have a very slight preference to feminine males. :)

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Posted on 10-02-17 10:58 AM Link | #89824
regarding sex, keep in mind that there's a lot more to it than just shoving your penis in a hole, so don't stress about it

in my case, I think I actually prefer guys.

you know that feel where you see a person and feel that you want to cuddle them and kiss them and all?

I get it regularly with guys, but almost never with girls

I'd still be fine with going out with a girl tho. but regardless of the person's gender, it mostly depends on the connection you build with that person.

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Posted on 10-02-17 07:38 PM Link | #89888
Posted by Belsaw
As for me I'm gay and male but I don't rely on gender or sex as a primary or even secondary characteristic (hence my use of "N/A" gender). I don't know what an "I don't care" gender is exactly called though.

I'm also a virgin but that doesn't bother me. I don't understand why some people are all like "LOLWUT LET'S HAVE SEXXXXX". Same goes for partying in the US where it's sometimes like "LOLWUT LET's GET DRUNKKKKKK"

Posted on 10-03-17 02:35 AM Link | #89912
It's because they might do it to look cool or think it is the best thing in life when it really isn't.

Posted on 10-09-17 10:53 PM Link | #90233

I'm asexual biromantic, but I'm mostly heterosexual, as I'm not as attracted to guys as I am to girls.

Posted on 12-02-17 02:43 AM (rev. 2 of 12-02-17 02:44 AM) Link | #91593
Bisexuality can come in different balances, you know :)
Also, seems my particular traits are that I'm attracted through someone having a cute personality, especially in the case of males.

Posted on 12-02-17 08:05 PM Link | #91613
well, i'm... mostly gay.

guys are cute. I like them.

i'm probably a bit bi though, since I've seen a few different cases of girls I've found pretty

but yeah, mostly guys.

Posted on 03-16-18 10:55 PM Link | #93701
used to think I liked girls but moreso realized I just was jealous of them and how they looked and all. can't even convince myself that I'm attracted to girls at all, let alone be in a relationship with any.

in recent years I realized I'm only really into guys and have been in a relationship since last year and it's been very nice.

labels are unnecessary if you ask me, it can get too confusing sometimes considering I have a million different preferences


Posted on 03-17-18 05:09 AM Link | #93704
speaking of confusing...

i'm a straight demigirl, but i'm not sure if "straight" would be the right term since that implies there are two genders. so... would i be a demilesbian? i dunno, i just like girls. :P

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Posted on 03-17-18 08:17 AM Link | #93706
gender identity =/= sexual orientation

you can feel like a girl and still like girls. after gender transition the term is indeed lesbian, but otherwise (if you don't transition for example) it's straight. I see no reason to force both terms (gender and sexuality) into one that makes no sense.
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Posted on 03-17-18 08:23 AM Link | #93707
yeaaah again this is why labels are kinda confusing in my opinion, cause the human mind doesn't work in such an orderly way that you could determine the perfect label for. i've seen people get worked up and stressed just because they can't figure out what to call themselves.

corny as it is, if you're being yourself then that's good enough :)


Posted on 03-27-18 11:47 PM Link | #93815
Labels are a good means of associating yourself with other people in a community and therefore let you express your experiences with them and help you feel normal while you get perspectives from other people. Of course, don't pigeonhole yourself, but labels can be used for healthy discourse.

I myself don't understand romance or sexuality all that well nor am I very interested in either, but I think I'd be more drawn to guys. I don't know if it's just because I'm in communities dominated by guys and I meet so little girls who like Mario like I do. But on the other hand, I've had, what, maybe at least three guys who are very, very attracted to me, and one guy is in his early 40's (it's a big age disparity; I'm 23) who I even experience slight separation anxiety (if that's the right word). I'm still confused how I should feel toward them but I do feel some happiness and a bit of attraction back, again, if that's the right word, but I had to ask my therapist so many questions about my complete confusion over my feelings. I even had to ask her what's involved in a romantic relationship. Heck, even if Mario asks me out, don't know how I'd feel beyond OMG YES YES YES BUT NO KISSING.

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Posted on 03-28-18 03:17 PM Link | #93826
I think my position in the video game community is probably one of the main reasons I consider myself to be genderfluid-lite, since it's a heavily male-dominated activity. I hate so many girls' things and I want to distance myself from quite a few aspects of being a girl, such as wearing those skinny jeans, wearing a dress (at formal events, I refuse to wear a dress, I usually wear a suit or something far more gender-neutral), hate those long, revealing v-necked shirts that are aimed at women, I don't like my breasts, don't care for make-up or painting fingernails, prefer sports shoes, etc. On the other hand, there are multiple parts of feminity that I do embrace, but I feel like on a spectrum, I feel less like a female than my twin does.
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