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07-03-20 10:16 AM

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Posted on 11-18-17 02:23 PM Link | #91163
Yeah, Mario Kart 8 custom tracks are finally (but still painful) possible. So post your custom tracks here!

I wanted to start with DS Waluigi Pinball and Luigi's Mansion, but i still have trouble with model importing, so i better start with a simple track:
SNES Mario Circuit 1

There is also another DS Luigi's Mansion in progress by victormr21. Here's a video.

Posted on 11-18-17 03:40 PM Link | #91166
Hooray, the Wii U section is finally getting activity!
Also, I'm excited to see the awesome custom tracks people post here, and I'll definitely try them out for myself!

hat's off to you, kuribo64. we all had one hell of a--wait, we can stay?

Posted on 11-18-17 03:49 PM Link | #91167

What tool(s) are you using for creating models?

From what I know there are no existing converters for WiiU model files that are not part of the Nintendo SDK or has there been a development recently?

GitHub - YouTube - NSMBHD

Posted on 11-19-17 02:50 PM Link | #91186
It's been possible for a while already (2 months). I think the software used is mainly Wexos' Toolbox. Also, now it's almost mandatory to use 3DSMax or Blender to have your track not look like crap, as you can use plenty of fancy effects like bump maps, peculiar maps, shadows, bake maps, etc.

Posted on 11-21-17 04:36 PM Link | #91277
Maya should also be considered alternative too since it also uses baking, and it's especially an industry standard that even Nintendo uses to model. I think there is also a third-party program out there that specializes in baking.

Great tutorial, though.

Posted on 12-13-17 05:23 PM Link | #91997
Not mine, but the same guy posted a bunch more on Gamebanana with... varying quality. My favourite was his Wuhu Loop one.

GCN Mario Circuit: Spawns under the track, no objects. Fun to mess around in, though.

Wuhu Loop: No laps, but it makes a bit more sense. Grass and some walls work, at least.

GBA Luigi Circuit: Questionable quality

Still, I love that more people are taking interest to it. MK8 just looks... different... and I find that interesting about it.

Posted on 05-22-19 02:47 PM Link | #97744
There are people I know working on cts/have already made some. I'm thinking of porting Wii RR in the future.

Main - WiiU game hacking and emulation - Mario Kart 8 - Custom Tracks New reply

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