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07-13-20 03:50 PM

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Main - Computers and technology - What internet browsers do you use? New reply

Internet Explorer
10.5% (2)
Microsoft Edge
5.3% (1)
15.8% (3)
Chromium (or derivatives)
57.9% (11)
Firefox (or derivatives)
26.3% (5)
Pale Moon
0.0% (0)
21.1% (4)
Multiple voting is allowed. Changing your vote is allowed. 19 users have voted so far.

Posted on 11-11-17 04:13 AM Link | #91062
What internet browsers do you use?

Internet Explorer
Forced to use this one at school since the other option is Edge and I think IE 11 isn't too bad when compared to Edge in general. I also have IE 8 installed on Windows XP because I cannot remove it -.-

Since I have both a Mac and an iPhone I find the bookmark and tab sync functionality prety good and WebKit really isn't that bad (compared to Trident and EdgeHTML anyway).

Other: Maxthon Cloud Browser
A WebKit based browser that works on Windows XP even now and is more up-to-date than using Opera 36 - the UA reports (for compatibility reasons) Chrome 55 when the last version of Chrome for XP was 49.

Note that Opera is for commies a Chromium derivative...

Posted on 11-11-17 04:19 AM Link | #91063
I used Firefox Developer Edition before but due to the stupid decisions that Mozilla is doing (WebExtensions are and will continue being a mistake), I moved to Waterfox.

Some extensions I use normally suffer a bit due to the change but it's nothing I can't manage... Except that DownThemAll! is missing the top frame so I can't maximize/minimize/move the window. Shame.

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Posted on 11-11-17 07:20 AM Link | #91067
Posted by Dilene
DownThemAll! is missing the top frame so I can't maximize/minimize/move the window. Shame.

Have you tried using Windows Key+Arrow Keys to Maximize, Minimize, and Snap Left/Right?

Posted on 11-11-17 09:46 AM Link | #91069
Chrome on my laptop, Safari on my phone.

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Posted on 11-11-17 12:21 PM Link | #91071
I use Ghostery from time to time. Hate how it closes abruptly on me though. :P

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Posted on 11-11-17 12:56 PM Link | #91074
Safari on my Ipod, Opera on my PC and Chrome at school.

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Posted on 11-12-17 04:50 AM Link | #91083
Computer: Vivaldi, I have IE11 and Opera installed as well.
Phone: Opera Mini and Firefox Focus.

About Vivaldi, I like a lot of things in it, but I can't help but see weird oddities here and there, not to mention how it's a bit slower than other Chromium-based browsers. For example, opening new windows and new pages takes less than a second in Opera but takes about 3 seconds in Vivaldi (sometimes more, sometimes less, it depends). I'm still using it, but I hope they'll be able to solve those issues soon.

About Opera Mini, I like its data-saving features and other resources such as saving pages for offline, adblocking, night mode, etc. The app itself uses 35MB, which is a bit more than what I would expect from "Mini", but you know what? I'll take it.

I don't generally like having only one browser installed on a device though, because if something breaks I won't have an alternative. So I installed Firefox Focus for that purpose. It's lightweight (9MB) and it focuses on privacy! Not bad. Having only one tab can be an issue but usually I don't need to use it for much else anyway.
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Posted on 11-12-17 06:25 AM Link | #91085
I remember I used to use Opera Mini on data saving mode to access Board2 and DeviantArt when I was out because it basically acts as a proxy and can be used to unblock sites. Good times. :)

Main - Computers and technology - What internet browsers do you use? New reply

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