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03-19-18 12:32 PM

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Posted on 08-31-17 06:27 PM Link | #87563
I mean, I like material design, but in my opinion, it works better on mobile than on the desktop. The new YouTube layout is basically just the same with more whitespace. I like the dark theme, and I like that it's vectorized (meaning it looks much better on my retina MacBook), but I hate the stupid automatic page loading and the circle cropped avatars.

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Posted on 09-02-17 03:53 PM Link | #87702
I'm that person who thinks Youtube just sucks in general. It's always hard to load anything in that shitty website. Design is eh, I don't think I've noticed that much. What bothers me more is more the greasy, oily, rusty, grinding, bloated gears that run that shit.

Posted on 09-03-17 12:07 PM Link | #87747
I tend to say that since YouTube provides a free service (getting moneyz by doing videos) that other services don't provide, so despite the advertizers basically controlling everything and doing yellow dollar shit, you can't really complain.
Changing things would likely require either the Anonymous nuking it or a general boycott from ALL YouTubers around the world, and both are highly unlikely.

Posted on 09-03-17 12:10 PM Link | #87749
ideally, video hosting should be decentralized

but, videos take a lot of bandwidth, and bandwidth isn't free, yadda yadda yadda

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Posted on 10-03-17 05:39 AM (rev. 2 of 10-03-17 05:39 AM) Link | #89923
Updating because of the new YouTube layout. Still not responsive - Google favouring a mobile app over making a responsive mobile design, channels and such look even more bland, etc.

Might as well permanently move to VidLii if people would actually upload non-YTP videos there.
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Main - General Chat - Just stop trying, Google New reply

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