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01-18-19 10:29 AM

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Posted on 09-29-17 10:28 PM Link | #89677

Title is pretty self explanatory. Are there much tas'ers or people who do tas in this community? It' always a blast for me to speed through others hacks and check them out, especially if they are slightly glitchy :P

Wondering if anyone else enjoys it too?

Сунт сурпрьнс кэ ынцелеӂци аста

Rush B, сука блять!

Posted on 09-30-17 03:50 PM Link | #89739
I like watching them. One person shared me a video of a TAS Melee All-Star Very Hard No Damage and it's a fun watch.

Posted on 10-01-17 02:46 PM Link | #89785
I don't think I'd ever have the skill to pull off a TAS but I appreciate that people take the time to do them. Mind sharing any links to TASes you have done, TC?

Posted on 10-02-17 02:49 PM Link | #89858
I don't TAS myself, but I wish I had the time, patience and knowledge to do it.
I really enjoy watching them though: they're always super entertaining because of how insane and they are. They're the closest to perfection we'll ever get in gaming.

Main - Gaming - Any other TAS'ers? New reply

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