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10-20-20 10:42 AM

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Posted on 09-05-17 09:21 PM (rev. 2 of 09-05-17 10:26 PM) Link | #87922
I was trying to learn SMG2 Hacking and kept getting led here.
Posted by TheSunCat
I am learning Blender, and hope to release a demo for [SECRET] and [SECRET2]. I am also part of [SECRET3], A New Universe, and [SECRET4].
Wow. loads of secrets. :D

W-HAT!?!?! There are more SMG2/SMG hacks in progress!?

Skek is a Fortnite god

Posted on 09-06-17 07:28 AM Link | #87954
Yes. I just have not revealed most of them. :)

I love SMG2 and Odyssey so I am merging them int SMG:O. :)
Also actively working on a new Whitehole revision, hopefully to release soon...

YouTube: click here to become all-powerful

Posted on 09-06-17 07:34 AM Link | #87955
I binged SM64DS hacking.

binging = googling by Bing


Decoy Blimp
Posted on 09-12-17 06:49 PM Link | #88338
Was checking out some other Acmlmboard sites and this is one that I liked

Posted on 09-12-17 09:39 PM Link | #88343
Probably Staple's NSMBHD sig.

No, not doing SM64DS hacking, just here for the waffles.

Posted on 10-02-17 11:15 AM Link | #89829
I think I found it through the footer of MKDSCentral or Staple's profile on said board. Needless to say, I was never very active and was banned within a few months for useless posts and childish remarks at the time. :P

Posted on 10-02-17 11:15 AM Link | #89830
oh god MKDSCentral

that thing is better forgotten

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul
melonDS the most fruity DS emulator there is


Posted on 10-02-17 11:19 AM Link | #89832
Definitely. Though at least it succeeded in bringing DSHack.org back, so I don't think it was entirely a bad thing. But me and Chillius shitposting everywhere and that one guy who kept making a billion alts... well, lol.

Posted on 10-02-17 11:21 AM (rev. 3 of 03-11-19 08:09 PM) Link | #89834
*looks up mkdscentral*



hat's off to you, kuribo64. we all had one hell of a--wait, we can stay?

Posted on 10-02-17 11:59 AM Link | #89839
That was when StapleButter aka MegaMarioFoo made a port of Block Fort in SM64DS

It was foreseen in SMBXtreme and SMWCentral where I was often active there. Come to think of it, I've yet to check back those now old places, haha.

Hüseyin der Mächtige
Posted on 10-22-17 10:28 PM Link | #90773
i searched a SNES emulator for 3ds and found blargSNES. Then i joined the board.

I'm lazy.

Posted on 10-23-17 05:18 PM Link | #90791
I think I found it a while ago while searching up how to do Super Mario Galaxy Hacking, but never made an account. I remember just reading through tons of old threads. It might have also been from a Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 video though... I'm not sure :D

Anyway, recently I finally made an account and once I get around to actually learning to hack some games, I hope to be pretty active!

Posted on 03-13-18 09:04 PM Link | #93668
I discovered on it NSMBHD because StapleButter is a Staff on there and I was reading a couple of posts from our Purple Broken Warp Pipe. Being a fan of him in general, I've decided to join. When I do, I see some cool things and some morons in the Trash Can that make my day. Feel bad for him sometimes having to deal with these people though.

And... That's it.


I was bored so I made that Image you see above the spoiler. [image]

Ugh, forget post layouts.

Posted on 12-06-18 12:57 AM Link | #96600
RVLoution shut down and im like well shit I need a new place to have people do my projects for me *help me with my projects

Life is meaningless and death approaches.
I am currently working on a hack of Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii by the Newer Team called, Newer Super Mario Bros. Nostalgia
Dear RVLution,
Our love broke my heart,

i t , s t o p p e d , y o u r s

Posted on 12-07-18 03:17 AM Link | #96625
Same, about 2 years thanks to RVLution.
RVLution pls come back I miss you :(

"I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft." -Bill Gates

Posted on 12-07-18 07:37 AM Link | #96626
seeing the way it's going, it's not coming back anytime soon

apparently they like Discord

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul
melonDS the most fruity DS emulator there is


Posted on 12-07-18 12:29 PM Link | #96644
Red Hat Cafe won't load for me. It used to because I had an account on it.

Anyways, how did I find this site?

....Uh, Internet?


New Super Mario Bros. U DS:
Discord Server 1: https://discord.gg/CpfbXbQ
Discord Server 2: https://discord.gg/mEXjVZZ
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDVgpALFwJf_u5hjfKEuQSA
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