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10-20-20 10:56 AM

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Posted on 09-26-17 07:38 PM Link | #89564
Meh, I usually try to behave.

But sometimes it's the usually spank (or accidental slap on the back due to bad aim).

Other times my parents just tell me I can't use any electronics for x days (usually 1 day or 1 week). And that's usually when I stand up for myself.
My parents aren't so fond of us telling them what suspect think is wrong, so this usually ends up as the majority of my punishments.

The Cypher Corporation called. They want their swag back... Along with their wigs.
Potatoes called. They want your computer back.

I'm on Discord a lot. (Cypher123#0589)

I stopped hacking SM64 because I'm lazy :D

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Posted on 10-01-17 02:44 PM Link | #89783
I once got two weeks off my computer for some off-site drama that I would not like to mention. Also, apparently if my parents catch me on Discord, they'll ban me for a month, although they never caught me yet, so it's fine. They nearly did today though...

They kinda treat me like a small child sometimes, I understand they are trying to keep me away from dangerous people but one experience doesn't mean all.

Posted on 10-01-17 06:33 PM Link | #89802
I have had harsh punishments for not doing homework and having bad marks in subjects. Not playing on the computer and games only gets me far in the wildest nightmares.

Worse is my mother passing onto me the "getting down on your knees and beg for mercy or sufffer the wrath of my whipping belt" treatment. Beats me, but I behave normally until I reach rebellion years... almost. Being a man child is beyond that.
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Main - General Chat - What punishments did you get? New reply

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