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12-13-18 08:56 AM

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Posted on 09-14-17 02:35 PM (rev. 2 of 09-20-17 06:23 AM) Link | #88393
May you remember this funny game as a kid :). Donald Duck: Goin Quackers (known as Quack Attack in Europe).
However, there is an early demo version i found on a CD-ROM, that was included in a Mickey Mouse magazine from the early 2000s.

This has a lot of differences! The game itself was just simply called "Donald Duck Demo":

It also has a huge amount of graphics from a very early Rayman 2! I'm looking for more unused things.

If someone is interested in this prototype, you can download it here

Posted on 09-14-17 03:03 PM Link | #88394
Woah! Nice find! Can't wait to see what more unused content you find in the files.

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Posted on 09-14-17 08:06 PM Link | #88408
This would make for good TCRF content.

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Posted on 09-15-17 10:01 AM Link | #88426
I agree with poudink, this discovery is totally for The Cutting Room Floor.

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Posted on 09-19-17 01:53 PM Link | #88879
Alright. I documented a lot of things on TCRF. Stages, music, soundeffects and more differs from the final. Also some of the Rayman 2 graphics can be found in some prototypes. Here's the site

Also very interesting: Not only graphics from an early Rayman 2 remain there. Also the filestructure and the whole filesystem are so similar (/or exact the same), that you can even open the game with a Rayman 2 editor !


This will be really useful for discovering unused areas and more in the final version of Goin Quackers, since the final also has a big amount of unused things! The only problem with the editor is, that it can't load the models.

Posted on 09-23-17 05:05 PM Link | #89464
Can you open the released version of the game in the rayman editor too?

Posted on 09-16-18 07:49 AM Link | #95934
Can someone please reupload this?

Main - Misc. ROM hacking - Donald Duck: Goin Quackers - Early Prototype discovered New reply

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