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09-20-18 04:50 PM

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Posted on 06-23-17 11:04 PM Link | #83966

The Basics:

Alright, so this is basically a thread for those who are completely new to NSMBW hacking and don't know how it works at all. Well, here is the basic tutorial on how I did it for the first time. Here we go!

First, the basic Riivolution XML is required, which can be installed here.

Next, the homebrew channel is required, in order to soft mod the Wii console. You will need an SD card for this to work. Here is how. Go to https://please.hackmii.com/.
Make sure the option “Bundle the HackMii Installer For Me” is checked.

As you see, it says “MAC Address.” Here’s what to do. Power on your Wii, and go to internet settings. Click on console information, and you should find your MAC Address.

Input the Address you have to LetterBomb, and fill in the captcha. Click on either option (“Cut the red wire,” “Cut the blue wire”) and extract the package into the SD Card’s root. Delete the .txt files. You don’t need them. Next, locate a folder named “private”, and put it on your SD Card. If you already have a folder called “private,” rename it to “private_old.”

Insert the SD card into your Wii, and open the Wii message board. Scroll back a few pages, and you should see the LetterBomb logo as a letter. Click on the Letter and wait. You should a screen pop up.

Wait for it to say “Press 1 to continue,” then press the 1 button. Press continue on the next screen.

On the screen, select “Install the Homebrew Channel.” When it finishes, select exit. The Homebrew Channel should now be installed and ready to run.

Turn off your Wii and eject the SD card. Next insert the SD card, and install a software called “Riivolution.” The link is down below.

Now insert the SD card back into your Wii and load up the Homebrew Channel. In there should be an app called “Riivolution.” Open it, and if you’d like could click install for an easy access channel.

Insert your SD card into your computer. Then, install this, and extract “reggiedumper.zip” file into your SD card. Then insert the SD card into your Wii and open the Homebrew Channel. Now load the Reggie Dumper app, and turn off your Wii. Eject your SD card and insert it into your computer. You should see that all the NSMBW game files on your SD card used to run the editor.

Next, download Reggie! itself here. Save the file somewhere on your computer. When you run Reggie!, it will ask you for the NSMBW stage folder. That’s where you open the stage folder from the directory “SD:\ stage” and open the editor. Now you can make custom levels.

Now, there is one final step. Insert yor SD card into your computer and load the root. Create a folder on the SD card called “nsmb,” and place your custom level(s) into the folder. Then open the "riivolution" folder, and place the ROM hacking XML in there. Insert your NSMBW disc and SD card, then launch Riivolution. Make sure “NSMBW Replacement” is marked “Enabled” on the top of the main screen, then launch it. You have now successfully installed custom levels to NSMBW.

I will be making more advanced tutorials soon, just thought I'd start with the basics. Stay tuned for more hacking.
(This could also be used a an NSMBW hacking help/discussion thread.)

Gamer Boy
Posted on 06-24-17 07:06 AM (rev. 2 of 06-24-17 07:07 AM) Link | #83968
Posted by MarioBurger71
Then insert the SD card into your Wii and open the Homebrew Channel. Now load the Reggie Dumper app, and turn off your Wii. Eject your SD card and insert it into your computer. You should see that all the NSMBW game files on your SD card used to run the editor.

Also don't forget to insert the disc for New Super Mario Bros. Wii into your Wii console before starting Reggie Dumper and to turn off the Wii only after the process of dumping game files is completed. Should be obvious, but I might as well point it out. :P

Thanks for making the tutorial though! Wish we could carry over more from RHCafe/RVLution.

[thumbnail]"You slick bastard with that optimal 1-5 route" -Mullkaw

Super Hackio
Posted on 06-24-17 12:48 PM Link | #83972

Are you also gonna tell us how to make our own sprites in this series?

SMG RUN Progress: 10%
I have a discord if you want:

(I also post SMG RUN updates more often there)

Posted on 06-24-17 02:54 PM Link | #83975

Yes, I will in fact. Thanks for reminding me, forgot I was gonna do that.

Posted on 08-30-17 10:46 PM Link | #87533

Bump, but here's a quick tutorial I posted from earlier:
Posted by MarioBurger71
Get the decompressed files for Newer here
and import the tilesets into the texture folder within "stage" and import the Newer stages into a separate folder. If you want, you could also change the game path to Newer's stage folder. Other things (such as sprites) requires a bit of code (as far as I know) to get into Reggie!, so I think the best option for a beginner is a mod of Reggie! known as "Reggie! Next," but you could also use the "Reggie! Newer Sprites" mod, or other mods that I don't know of.]

Posted on 09-10-17 02:27 PM Link | #88264
I got Riivolution and the Homebrew channel setup. Now i can do REAL NSMBWii hacking, all thanks to you!

That's what i'm saying. Now honey. Where are my paaaaaaaants?

Posted on 09-10-17 03:24 PM Link | #88271

No problem!

Main - Misc. ROM hacking - NSMBW Hacking New reply

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