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01-21-18 07:35 PM

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Posted on 06-16-17 05:19 PM Link | #83807
A couple of months ago I went on a field trip with a club I was part of at school. Several of my friends came along including a girl that I had a crush on at school. Her name was Alex. So anyway, I was planning to ask her out during the trip, and I had found seemingly the perfect way to do it.

The club I was in has a big conference every year (the trip I was going on at the time) and during their meetings (which were held in a huge auditorium/hotel complex) they had giant projector boards that had Twitter feeds on them so you could send messages out for everyone to see. I was going to pop the question in the form of a tweet on the Twitter board. So on the night of the first meeting, I sent the message.

She saw the tweet on the board after one of her friends noticed and nudged her to look. Once she saw the board she got startled, but almost immediately after lost the emotion in her face and started to whisper to her friends sitting beside her, as girls seem to do. I was in the row behind them and wondered what they were saying; what Alex was thinking. Some of my buds were sitting with me on my row and I asked them what had probably happened, since I told them beforehand about my idea ,which they thought I was too chicken to do; they congratulated me afterwards and we got some (nonalcoholic) drinks in victory. So back on topic, when I asked them about Alex's stoic nature to the message, they thought that the reason was she was being shy and that I should go and talk to her myself to find a definitive answer.

Big mistake.

So for the next day, being the naïve person I am in these kinds of situations, I tried to find Alex and talk to her about her reaction to the night before. There was a problem though, and that was she always hung out with a possy of her close friends; with them around there would be no way, I thought, that I could talk to her about it without embarrassing her in front of her friends. So I waited and stayed with my friends until we came across Alex's friend group and I would wait till they would disperse to get to Alex and talk to her. That didn't work. She always stayed with her friends and never left them to do anything, so I got my buddies to be my wingmen so that both of our groups could talk to each other without it being awkward. That worked to some degree. We would all talk to each other and it seemed normal, but every time Alex caught me in her sights she became silent and waited until my group and I were gone. I simply thought that she was being shy so I shrugged it off and these meetings occurred a few more times before it all fell apart.

On the last night of the conference, they had a dance/DJ party thing for all the teens. Everyone I knew was or said they were going to be there, so I thought, "This would be a great place to break the ice! A party would totally be great." So I went to the party and danced and ate food and rocked the house with everyone at the party when I realized something: Alex wasn't there.

I looked throughout the party place but I couldn't find her, so I went outside of the auditorium where the party was set up and found her with some of her friends and a few people I didn't know. I walked over to them when a six-foot-tall teen of about 16 years noticed me and walked up to me and, cracking his knuckles, told me in a stern voice, "Get away bub, stay away from the girl," but I tell him "What are you talking about? I haven't seen you before in my life! I don't know you," and I walk past him and up to Alex who is surrounded by her friends. At this point, she walks up to me as I walked up to her and she explodes in argument, yelling at me about how she thought that I was stalking her the entire trip and that she didn't want to date some random guy she barely knew; at which point I started yelling too about how that was totally false and that she wasn't seeing straight (all of this is paraphrasing mind you; it was much worse language.) This exchange of choice words went on for almost 10 minutes straight until We had tears in our eyes and she collapsed onto the floor while I ran to my hotel room I was staying in. As I was climbing up the stairs, I ended up realizing what I had done, and then I cursed at myself rather loudly in the hotel stairwell and then ran to my room, where I yelled at myself for an hour on end until I fell asleep.

Since then the both of us couldn't look at each other. We walked alternate routes to our classes in school, and we pretended the other didn't exist. We were lucky that we didn't have any classes together that semester or else we'd had been at each others throats. But now I hope I can fix this.

With school out now and the stress of this experience dying down at least a small bit, I'd like to send her a email to send an apology her way to make up for what I did, or at least tell her that there are no hard feelings from me.

So how do you write an apology to someone that pretty much hates you?

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Posted on 06-21-17 01:12 AM (rev. 2 of 06-21-17 01:14 AM) Link | #83906
Juat gonna say, you really dug your own grave man, this is a situation my friend got into as well.

Did you talk to her at all before hand?

Regardless, I could probably think up of a good apology for you in a day or two...

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Posted on 06-22-17 01:07 PM Link | #83937
Just send her a short apology through text, to show that it's all in the past, no need to write something too long.


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Posted on 06-22-17 01:12 PM Link | #83938
tbh I'd just forget about her and the whole story

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Posted on 07-25-17 07:09 PM Link | #85174
Posted by StapleButter
tbh I'd just forget about her and the whole story
Hate to admit it, but he's right

I've been stood multiple times up before and approaching her after she's done whatever she's done usually isn't a good idea. Most girls have very big egos and aren't going to take it well and throw it back in your face (not speaking for anyone here)

There's a chance though that she's a nice girl and she was just a little freaked out and if you're willing to take that risk then just send her a short text or something. Please do keep it short so you don't come off any other way than what you were intending to

Posted on 07-25-17 09:58 PM (rev. 2 of 07-25-17 09:58 PM) Link | #85182
Posted by StapleButter
tbh I'd just forget about her and the whole story

Depends on the situation. If you're gonna continue to attend your current school for a few years then try to apologize and make the best of it. However if you or this girl are transferring then don't bother.
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Posted on 09-08-17 04:06 PM Link | #88135
Well, never thought I'd update this thread.

Since school started things were still tense between me and Alex, but yesterday I ended up talking to a counselor at my school and the subject came up, so that ultimately set my mind on what I should've done a long time ago.

I finally talked to her and apologized. It was awkward with me trying to make the words to fall out of my mouth but she ultimately accepted my apology. It's still awkward, but we can handle one another now and we decided to "forgive and forget" as people say.

This part of my journey is done.

Irony is the spice of life.

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Posted on 09-08-17 06:09 PM Link | #88141



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Posted on 09-08-17 07:15 PM Link | #88147
Well that's good. Hope it continues to go well :P

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