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08-05-20 09:37 AM

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Posted on 08-19-17 08:09 AM Link | #86718
So in many threads I read I always saw somebody write the word "Blarg" but what exactly is it? It sounds like another word for cringe lmao

Posted on 08-19-17 10:04 AM Link | #86726
Blarg or Blargg may refer to: Blarg, a species in Ratchet & Clank video games. Blarg, an alien language in the internet series Red vs. Blue. Blargg, a minor enemy in the Mario video games.

We use it as a curse. Or a joke. Maybe a meme?

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Posted on 08-19-17 10:27 AM Link | #86728
red vs blue is the shit

blarg is a word we use to express our lack of knowledge of a situation

one of the lesser known ones is argl, which is used to show discomfort and disapproval

still i remember that rainy september
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Posted on 08-19-17 10:54 AM Link | #86730
man, you should really read the description of the forum you are posting a thread in.

"Site Help, bug reports, suggestions"


Main - Trash - What is Blarg? Thread closed

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