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12-10-18 12:38 PM

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Posted on 08-15-17 04:41 PM Link | #86523
If the paid solution is easier to use for the students, I don't see the problem. Windows is easier to use than Linux, and from my experience, MS office is easier to use than OpenOffice/LibreOffice.

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Posted on 08-15-17 04:47 PM Link | #86525

"Windows is easier to use than Linux"

Not at all. If you get teached to use Linux like Windows it's not at all more difficult.
It also depends on the distro. Stuf like Ubuntu and Mint install without any Linux knowledge and come with GUIs that deal with everything. There's no hacky stuff to do in terminal.

And LibreOffice is basically the same as MS Office but without stupid errors because of version differences. And OpenOffice is very buggy. Libre fixed a ton of them.

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Posted on 08-15-17 08:45 PM Link | #86535
Correction, Linux takes more effort than Windows.

It requires at least some base knowledge, even Ubuntu and Mint because of stuff like ppas and dependency bullshit with some packages you may want. If you are willing to take the time to learn how to properly use Linux, you'll have a smoother running and easier to use system than if you were to use Windows, if you don't then it is really just a waste of your time. All of this coming from a guy who uses arch as his daily driver, so its not like I have anything against Linux.

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Posted on 08-15-17 08:50 PM Link | #86536
I 100% agree. If some schools can already sacrafice Windows compatatability for Macs, then they can go and move to Linux. It makes things easier for everyone (Once everything is setup that is.), and saves so much money in the long run.

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Posted on 08-16-17 06:33 PM Link | #86591
about LibreOffice, I'd need to use it again for a little while before saying anything, but last time I tried it I remember not liking it much compared to Excel, maybe it's because of the weird way I use Excel

the school I go to uses Microsoft Office, yet the books recommend LibreOffice - not that I blame them, the people who made the books want people to use free alternatives but the school just does what everyone is used to and what corporations usually use, and everyone is used to Microsoft, so Microsoft it is

kinda the same reason people keep using Google, its popularity is enough to keep it afloat currently

I use Avast, not because I like it since, honestly it always keeps doing weird things to the O.S. and I kinda wanted to remove it, but because I just have keep it unfortunately
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Main - Computers and technology - Best Antivirus for Windows? New reply

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