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01-16-19 04:06 PM

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Main - 3DS game hacking and emulation - [Tutorial] How to make Hans Shortcuts New reply

Posted on 12-31-15 12:17 PM Link | #66745
This tutorial will show you how to make a shortcut to Hans, so that you can have multiple rom hacks for the same game, and you don't have to load Hans every time (you still need to go to the Homebrew Launcher, though, this will NOT go onto your home menu!).

The way this works is that you are essentially making a new app, but redirecting the executable to Hans.

- .xml (eXtensible Markup Language)
- .smdh (System Menu Data Header)
- .txt configuration for Hans

- 3DS/2DS/New 3DS with homebrew
- Hans (comes with Smea's starter pack, but you should make sure it's updated)
- The custom romfs and/or code you want to use (more info here)
- Notepad ++ (optional)

First, you have to make the smdh. This file contains the icon, title, and description for your app. The only editor that seems to work for me is this online one. Making the smdh is pretty self explanatory, it will ask for a title, description, small icon, and large icon.

If you are using a rom hack that came with an "icon.bin", then you don't have to make your own, but you can still preview and modify it if you want.

Regardless of whether you made the smdh or downloaded it, move it to your SD card (preferably in /3ds) and name it something short, memorable, and with the .smdh extension, obviously.

Now, you will need to write the XML for the shortcut. This is what does most of the work. I would suggest using notepad++, but any plain text editor works.

This acknowledges the fact that the xml is a shortcut, and it should launch Hans. You shouldn't have to change this line.

This is the path to the smdh that we created earlier, which you will have to change to where you saved your smdh to.

This passes an argument to the Hans executable, telling it to use the blarg.txt configuration, and look for blarg.romfs/.code INSTEAD of titleid.romfs/.code. This is what allows you to have multiple rom hacks for the same game. Don't worry about the contents of the .txt for now, we will go over that later.
This is the end of the shortcut portion of the xml.
<targets selectable="false">
<title mediatype="x">y</title>
This is probably the trickiest part. It shows what game to use, the one you would select while loading Hans
X is the game type.
0 = NAND title, for the system.
1 = Software title, on the SD card (digital).
2 = Cartridge title (physical).

Y is the full, 16 digit game title id.
You can find this by:
- Finding your game on 3dsDB
- Copying the name of the folder that braindump made
- Starting Hans with your game, and writing it down from the menu

You can have as many targets as you want with this format, so you can target the same title id, for physical and digital.
For example:
<title mediatype="1">0004000000169500</title>
<title mediatype="2">0004000000169500</title>

Finally, close the target section.

We're almost done. In fact, this part is a bit unnecessary, since you can do it inside Hans, but still, it can be useful to know how to edit hans' configuration files.

First, go into your xml, to the 4th line with arg, and look at the path, and find it on your SD card.

Create a new .txt file, and name it whatever you typed on that arg line, which in our example would be blarg.txt.

The only two lines that we care about are:
romfs : 0
code : 0
0 = true
1 = false
Be sure to set them accordingly, if you do edit the configuration outside of Hans.

Hopefully, now, you have a good idea of how shortcuts work. Here's my setup for Pokemon Sinking Sapphire, a rom hack of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire:

Good Luck!

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Posted on 12-31-15 04:14 PM Link | #66749
Great tutorial! I'll definitely be using this!

Please Understand™

Posted on 08-14-17 07:26 AM Link | #86296
It'll be useful! Thank you

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Hüseyin der Mächtige
Posted on 08-14-17 08:25 PM (rev. 2 of 08-14-17 08:26 PM) Link | #86391
By the way, Hans is dead.
Use the gamepatcher in luma3ds.

I'm lazy.

Posted on 08-14-17 08:27 PM Link | #86392

I actually still like HANS a ton more.

Esp if you want more than one hack on your system.

(somebody please make a nice patch-selector for Luma. thx)

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Hüseyin der Mächtige
Posted on 08-14-17 08:30 PM Link | #86395
For testing stuff, game patcher is better.

But I like the screenshot tool in hans.

I'm lazy.

Main - 3DS game hacking and emulation - [Tutorial] How to make Hans Shortcuts New reply

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