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06-22-21 06:16 PM

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HD Erick Games
Posted on 08-02-17 09:43 PM (rev. 9 of 08-05-17 07:44 PM) Link | #85602
Will Feature:

- All SMB3 Levels Remastered!
- Music remixes from many other mario games



Gameplay Video:


World 1:
1-1 = 100%
1-2 = 100%
1-3 = 3%

Posted on 08-02-17 10:05 PM Link | #85604
Looks pretty interesting, but I haven't played SMB3 myself.
That cloud platform looks out-of-place. It doesn't seem to fit NSMB's graphical style. Are you going to replace this texture?

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HD Erick Games
Posted on 08-02-17 10:09 PM Link | #85605
Only if i find a better texture to replace it

Posted on 08-03-17 03:51 AM (rev. 2 of 08-03-17 03:52 AM) Link | #85607

While NSMB2 is far better suited for a SMB3 remake I still think that remakes are a bit lame.
I mean I've seen all SMB3 levels like a mllion times already. I'd just go with entirely custom levels.

Also this:


Already had it made for some reason. It's taken from Mario Maker NSMBU.

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HD Erick Games
(post deleted) #85640

HD Erick Games
Posted on 08-03-17 08:30 PM Link | #85663
Sadly im not good at creating new original levels :(
but thanks for the cloud sprite, it will be very useful

Posted on 08-06-17 11:40 AM (rev. 2 of 08-06-17 11:47 AM) Link | #85789
Very good, but the remix of SMB3 is a bit out of place, and the Rosalina's Observatory too.

EDIT: I understand if its like a placeholder or something.

Doing nothing :P

HD Erick Games
Posted on 08-06-17 03:15 PM (rev. 4 of 08-06-17 03:17 PM) Link | #85806
The Starship Mario Music is just a placeholder but the SMB3 Remix doesnt seem out of place to me, but i might change it if i think it's better.

Posted on 09-04-17 06:24 AM Link | #87773
Whoa! Finally SMB3 remake with Racoon Leaf! Congratulations, but Starship Mario is a little bit mismatched to SMB3. Also, please, don't make SMB3 remakers' mistake in 1-3, where leaf-containing block here:


is replaced with solid, empty tile.


Posted on 09-04-17 08:43 PM Link | #87822
probably not a mistake. they just had no way around it.

anyway, cool. I had this in mind for ages, just the leaf powerup alone in nsmb2 allows a accurate remake of most levels.

Posted on 09-05-17 10:05 PM Link | #87939
Good Luck, once a demo is out I'll play it!

Reiji / Aiden
Posted on 07-11-18 07:43 PM Link | #95008

Posted on 02-26-21 03:51 PM Link | #100077
Let me guess... This is another dead hack, isn't it.

Posted on 02-26-21 06:47 PM (rev. 2 of 02-26-21 06:49 PM) Link | #100079
Yes, but that does not mean you have to bump a thread that has been dead for more than two years.

Posted on 02-27-21 12:09 AM Link | #100080
oh ok

Posted on 03-07-21 12:30 PM Link | #100092
How did you get custom music in level without the game crashing? ive only been able to do it on the title screen and world map!

Posted on 03-10-21 03:14 AM Link | #100107
Maybe you need to have a tanuki leaf drum track for it to work

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