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02-17-18 08:14 PM

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Main - WiiU game hacking and emulation - cemu emulator controls New reply

Posted on 03-11-17 09:16 AM Link | #81926
i wanted to test my custom level for NSMBU. so i started up my emulator for wii u. and selected the NSMBU rom files. but after the game launched it says that a save file was made or something like that. i thought i could click on ok. but nothing happened. so what are the controls. or do i have to use the wii u gamepad

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Posted on 04-02-17 03:54 PM Link | #82270
I'm fairly certain that you can bind the controls

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Posted on 04-02-17 04:25 PM Link | #82272

Options -> Input Settings

GitHub - YouTube - NSMBHD

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Main - WiiU game hacking and emulation - cemu emulator controls New reply

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