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05-25-17 12:53 AM

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Posted on 04-15-17 09:48 AM Link | #82511
The DAE issues have been fixed in the latest 2 builds, normals will be ignored unless you've enabled at least one light using the SM64DSe <extra>.

Posted on 04-17-17 03:35 AM (rev. 4 of 04-17-17 05:55 AM) Link | #82572
How do you create "areas"? I.e. the things that cause objects and parts of the level model in peach's castle to phase in and out of visibility/existence. Also, does unloading an area mean that the current in-game polygon count is reduced until it is loaded again?

Posted on 04-17-17 11:36 AM Link | #82577
If I remember correctly the steps to do this with Blender are as follows (example uses only 2 areas but the process is the same for more):
- Split your mesh into 2 separate objects, one for each area, "mesh0" for the first and "mesh1" for the second
- Add 2 armatures each with a single bone, "r0" and "r1"
- Bind r0 to mesh0 and assign all vertices to r0
- Bind r1 to mesh1 and assign all vertices to r1
- Export to DAE and open in a text editor
- Under <library_visual_scenes> you should see the following structure:
node name="Armature..."
|- node id="r0"
node name="Armature..."
|- node id="r1"
- Delete the "armature" nodes so that you have:
node id="r0"
node id="r1"
- There should be two skin controllers, one for each mesh object. Each skin controller will list all joint names in the model even though only one will be assigned to in each controller ie. the joint names list will be "r0 r1".

For mesh0's skin controller you must modify the joint name list to contain only r0. There are no changes required to the bone assignments since r0 already has an index of 0.

For mesh1's skin controller you must remove r0 from the joint names list however this will cause r1 to move from index 1 to index 0. You must then modify the <vertex_weights> to use joint 0 instead of joint 1 for each vertex. This means replacing every second digit with a 0 instead of a 1.
- Import your model and you should be able to switch between areas

To answer your second question, yes it does since only the current area is drawn.

Posted on 04-17-17 11:39 AM Link | #82578
Do you plan to implement an in-editor thing for areas? This seems quite long-winded and I'm using Sketchup for modelling.

Posted on 04-17-17 12:24 PM Link | #82580
Does Sketchup allow you to split your models up into multiple objects? If it does and the exported DAE contains multiple <geometry> elements then it would be easy enough to implement as follows:
- Open model to import as usual
- Select new "Define areas" (or similarly named) button
- This would open a new window which would let you add a maximum of 32 areas (BMD format restriction) and for each geometry element specify to which area it belongs. This would generate a new skeleton for the model, overriding anything defined in the DAE model.

Posted on 04-17-17 01:15 PM Link | #82581
You can make things called "groups" and "components", but I'm not sure if they a preserved when the Sketchup project is exported to OBJ/DAE.
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Main - General SM64DS hacking - SM64DS Editor Help Thread - Post your questions here New reply

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