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07-20-18 08:01 PM

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Posted on 03-14-17 06:40 AM Link | #81984
Hello I wanted to ask a few model level model of mario kart since I have a couple of race curses make in my super Mario 64 since hack if someone has something there tell me thank you

Posted on 03-14-17 12:42 PM Link | #81986
Since I don't know which Mario Kart you mean, I just assume you mean Mario Kart DS :P
(Of course, if you meant e.g. Mario Kart Double Dash or others from the Mario Kart series, they are also on Model Resource)

Posted on 03-14-17 01:01 PM Link | #81987
Ok thank you But I can not get a model of Mario Kart ds because then it always comes here your textures would occupy more than 48k of VRAM this could Cause Glitches or Freezes when I get a model hol

Posted on 12-31-17 11:44 PM Link | #92624
Just make the textures smaller.

Posted on 01-06-18 11:58 AM Link | #92699
Are you using MKDS Course Modifier? It's the best tool that I know of.

Main - General SM64DS hacking - mario Kart model (help) New reply

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