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12-11-18 01:31 AM

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Main - 3DS game hacking and emulation - [RELEASE] 1 world hack of SUPER MARIO 3D LAND 1.5 New reply

Posted on 01-16-17 08:32 AM Link | #80954
Helle everyone !

I have released the first one world hack of super mario 3d land! The reason why I didn't release them all at the same time is due to the fact that i havent' had time to bug test all the levels! And I don't want you to keep waiting! I have used a lot of time on this hack! And world 2 and 3 will come later though! I hope you enjoy this one world hack !


You will find more info about the game in the description of this youtube video :-)

I think it is a good idea if someone can summon an admin and maybe put it on frontpage so more can play this hack! I hope you all enjoy!

Please give us your thought about the hack overall!

Posted on 02-26-17 01:25 PM Link | #81590
This demo is definitely not bad, but A LOT of things need to be polished. For example, in 1-1, in the first cave, there is no invisible front wall to stop Mario from falling. As consequences, Mario can automatically fall to his death when exiting the first pipe without touching the circle pad. Oh, and the front border is glitchy, I (and Skawo in his vid) got stuck on it. I find 1-2 way too hard for the second level and the checkpoint is too early. (I feel like when you reach it you still have 70% of the level to complete...) Textures of the SMB3-like wooden cubes are glitchy in the walljumping part. In the 1-3 cave, there should have been front walls, cause you can see inside of the ground, and that's kinda ugly. Finally, the collisions are too precise. They follow exactly the models themselves, and that ends up with Mario getting stuck or the camera shaking.

As a results, the demo feels like it would've needed some/more beta-testing to avoid those glitches and aestethic/design flaws that annoy the player. But don't worry, that's still a very good hack. Importing levels/areas from SM64, SMS, SMG2 and SM3DW is a good idea :P Keep up the good work bro!

Posted on 10-12-18 01:57 PM (rev. 3 of 10-13-18 04:31 AM) Link | #96152
I can't seem to run the .cia file I installed on my 3DS. It says I need a firmware update but my 3DS is the latest version on Luma3DS with boot9strap.

edit: Can you please release this as a romfs patch or a ModMoon patch (pretty much the same lol)

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Main - 3DS game hacking and emulation - [RELEASE] 1 world hack of SUPER MARIO 3D LAND 1.5 New reply

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