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03-25-19 03:33 AM

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Baby Luigi
Posted on 02-03-17 10:53 PM Link | #81240

So...I can't be the only one here looking forward to this and having 5 and more different ways to kill Wario in one game? Also, Baby Luigi is in the game and his first time playing Golf, Tennis, and Soccer so that means it's GOTY 2017.

I'm also looking forward to the amiibo cards. I hate the blind bagging but they sold me on how Baby Luigi will receive 5 cards for each sport. It's like a dream come true, except for the part where Baby Luigi receives an amiibo figure and that I have to pay a premium on Amazon to receive his cards.

Posted on 02-04-17 12:27 PM Link | #81249
Is this game coming for the Switch?

Posted on 02-04-17 02:34 PM Link | #81251
The Soccer looked really bland and meh compared to Strikers. Hope that's not true for the entire game.

Baby Luigi
Posted on 02-05-17 12:25 AM Link | #81257
Posted by FinalShroom81
Is this game coming for the Switch?

No, it's coming for the 3DS. A Switch port may be possible, but don't count on it.

Posted by MK7tester
The Soccer looked really bland and meh compared to Strikers. Hope that's not true for the entire game.

I know it's not going to be as fun as Strikers, as I love electric fences and big hits, but I think it'll be fun in its own right, not trying to emulate Strikers but be its own thing.

Posted on 02-09-17 03:14 PM Link | #81300
I'm looking forward to horse racing because it's an entirely new sport, and it's about time Mario was engaged in a new sport. I just hope I get to use Mario on a pretty horse. Horse customization does look fun, though I hope there is enough customization to get by.

Baby Luigi
Posted on 02-11-17 07:51 PM Link | #81352
Here's a site that has new information for the game so far.


(You can also check out the MarioWiki page if you want, wheeeeeee)

Overall, I don't like the low amount of stadiums confirmed. Hopefully, they're either not revealed yet or DLC, because that seems to be a big issue thus far.

Posted on 02-12-17 05:22 PM Link | #81362
I agree. There should definitely be more stadiums. I don't want it to be like Ultra Smash. While I like that game, there's only one court. Mario Tennis Open had tons of courts.


"To feel sadness is to live, but as long as you are alive, the future is a blank page." -Merlon, 2007

Baby Luigi
Posted on 02-14-17 03:54 PM Link | #81378
I liked Ultra Smash a lot for its gameplay. The most major problem was that there was nothing to do in that game. DLC could have easily solved its biggest problem but NOPE we never got DLC for that game. It's pretty sad, really.

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