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10-23-20 01:31 AM

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Posted on 02-03-17 08:15 AM (rev. 2 of 02-03-17 08:25 AM) Link | #81221
Already we don't have any ASM, so i did this thread to talk about ASM Hacks Ideas And Other Things.

Everyone can post any idea, like a: Giant Koopa Troopa and other things.

So,here are my Ideas ( Some from NewerWii ):

Bob-Omb Bros: A Hammer Bros that shoots bob-ombs;
Bob-Omb Suit;
Hammer Suit;
Monty Mole;
More Koopa Troopa Colors, like Blue and Orange;
Giant Koopa Troopa and Giant Goomba;
Propeller Block;
More Musics;
More Backgrounds;

Now, let`s start that Discussion!

I'm just a random level designer,and a guy.
And I'm a Brazilian.

Posted on 02-03-17 03:46 PM (rev. 2 of 02-03-17 03:47 PM) Link | #81228
This is a good idea, but it's not easy to make ASM hacks....

I would personality like a spin jump and in-air twirl.

Posted on 02-09-17 03:21 PM Link | #81302
I think it would be a good idea to find more people who can do this. IMO, I think ideas are pretty useless at this point, especially if they're unfocused like this.

Fruit Smasher
Posted on 02-14-17 08:41 PM Link | #81384
At the moment, everything is still fresh and early. I and a group of others are researching sprite code/behaviors, so hopefully, very small ASM hacks could pop up in the future.

Bob bomb suits would be cool, of course incredibly difficult, but still something I've always wanted. I've heard some rumblings in the past about it being possible to edit the gold flower, but I don't know how much truth is behind it.

Para beetles sound interesting too, I'm surprised they weren't in NSMB2. They gave the sky levels some life :) .

Main - NSMB2 hacking - ASM Hacks Ideas? New reply

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