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01-21-17 10:23 AM

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Posted on 01-10-17 07:22 AM Link | #80867
RT is Kremlin funded, not controlled, just like the BBC is being funded by the British government, and not controlled by it.

But in the West, the general rule of thumb is: If a news source criticises the American government, it's automatically "Russian propaganda".
It's sad, but it's just the way it works over in the West...

Posted on 01-12-17 05:57 PM Link | #80885
I don't think that's correct.

But there's a bigger issue here. People like to simplify the problems as liberal problems and as long as problems and liberals exist, we can just blame the liberals and immigrants. I hate that. And don't get me started on how conservatives are also treated like that. We just need to get along and respect each others' beliefs rather automatically making so many assumptions about people.

Posted on 01-12-17 06:16 PM Link | #80886
Left and right are being pitted against each other, as the corporate elite continues to extract more wealth out of the economy and keep us in perpetual war. You have the left demonizing all Trump supporters as racist hicks, and the right attacking the "PC" and "SJW" culture of liberals. These culture wars are distracting us from the larger issues of democratic integrity, economic injustice, and foreign policy disasters. Not to say that social issues are completely irrelevant, but the elites would rather we fight over those issues than standing together against them.

Posted on 01-12-17 06:23 PM Link | #80887
divide to conquer. simple.

just like when official media cover protests: you get the 'good' protesters who stay within the law and the 'bad' protesters who 'infiltrate protests to cause shit'.

this shit has worked so well in France that union protests are locked-in and guarded by 'order services' that act like a secondary police. this has caused actual protesters to stray away from unions and their protests, form their own groups (the black bloc) ahead of the 'official' protest, and even start their own protests without unions or permission.

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Posted on 01-13-17 03:04 PM Link | #80912
Honestly, I tend to view the Mainstream Media as incompetent, paranoid, and insecure, I view companies like Microsoft in that light, as well.

Mainstream Media has gotten so desperate in the US, and pretty much everywhere else, that they've resorted to making false claims like these, and they have before.
I view this as their latest scheme to gain attention, and possibly trick people into trusting them more.

They can only point at one thing like Russia for so long, before I start to raise questions honestly, and it's quite easy to see how how messy things start to get after so many false claims, like everything just doesn't add up like it should, and I'm glad a lot of people actually fact check their news, and see things like this.

This truly is a sad world where most big companies lie, and cheat their way to the top, instead of taking any actual effort, and the people are the ones suffering from it.
Everyday we get robbed of our privacy, and other basic human rights, just because someone wants to look good, or make money, it's truly disgusting.

I remember when Microsoft made those false claims about Edge consuming less power than Chrome, and FireFox, and this reminds me a lot of that.
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Main - Serious discussion - Fake News. Aka, the next generation censorship New reply

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