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01-16-17 11:52 PM

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Posted on 10-24-16 12:02 AM Link | #79130
I'm pro-vaccine, and I am concerned about corporate control over most areas of the government. Even the advisory board, which doesn't seem to have many direct corporate appointees, could still be influenced through donations or pressure on the institutions from which the members come. Jill has acknowledged the safety and importance of vaccines, while raising concerns about corporate influence - exactly in line with me, someone who is pro-vax and anti-corporate governance.

I agree that she should focus on more relevant examples of corporate influence on healthcare. But concern about corporate influence is not inherently an anti-vaccine argument. It's adopted by some anti-vaxxers, but alone, it doesn't prove anything.

Posted on 12-07-16 02:58 PM Link | #80147
In 2025, there are only two political branches the general populace will vote for: far-right and very far-right.

Posted on 12-08-16 01:23 AM (rev. 2 of 12-08-16 01:24 AM) Link | #80171
In 2025, there will be an option to genetically alter your DNA to produce scented farts, but the scent chosen is not your decision, what we assume is random and is actually product placement. Your fart will smell like chocolate, and that will make you crave chocolate. Your fart will smell like cheese Doritos, now you want some doritos.

Basically, your farts are advertisements.

Posted on 12-09-16 02:16 PM Link | #80216
In 2025, video games character demographics are still mostly adult white heterowhatever men. Any attempts to introduce main characters being anything else is met with claims of "SJW propaganda". It happened back in 2010's, but it's still going on today.

Posted on 12-15-16 05:54 PM Link | #80342
In 2025, there's no possible way that Donald Trump will still be President.

Posted on 01-07-17 01:01 AM (rev. 4 of 01-07-17 01:04 AM) Link | #80813
In 2025, 5/6 of the posts on this thread will be an "lolpolitics" one.

Oh wait.

Well, in 2025... I figure intolerance** will be illegal, under united leadership over earth.

I also think that's when the next main-series console Zelda will arrive. It's only eight years away! The last wait was seven years, and that was for the largest game in the series to date.

**'intolerance' is up to the digression of the powers-that-be ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Posted on 01-08-17 01:17 AM Link | #80831
You say lolpolitics, but what else is there to talk about? You'll find a subject about something you liek this Wednesday, so hang on.

Also, that 2025 figure... that's really, really generous. We're not close at all to fending off nationalism and racism and hatred of LGBT and xenophobia and sexism.

Posted on 01-14-17 01:35 PM Link | #80926
In 2025, everything Nintendo is just Fire Emblem.

Posted on 01-15-17 01:05 AM Link | #80943
In 2025, LeftyGreenMario is still salty about the fact that Nintendo made a Fire Emblem clone of Hyrule Warriors.

[3:55AM]cosmological: to be honest MM and I would let all of you die

[11:19 PM]Tahcryon: man with mod, remove the mod powers and what are you?
[11:19 PM]gridatttack: a better user than you

Posted on 01-15-17 08:55 AM Link | #80945
in 2025, civil war is raging over USA

RHCafe - Kafuka - Jul

Dinosaurs aren't big fans of trams.

Posted on 01-16-17 10:56 PM (rev. 2 of 01-16-17 10:57 PM) Link | #80961
Posted by Tahcryon
In 2025, LeftyGreenMario is still salty about the fact that Nintendo made a Fire Emblem clone of Hyrule Warriors.

Probably will be. And it's not just that, but I'm still salty over Corrin being in Smash.

But your choice of "clone of Hyrule Warriors" is an interesting one. You aware that there are more Warriors games, and those make up an entire series, do you?

Posted on 01-16-17 10:58 PM Link | #80962
In 2025, 2024 will be over.

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