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09-25-18 10:35 PM

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Main - 3DS game hacking and emulation - [HELP] I somehow corrupted the Firmware for NDS games? [FIXED] New reply

Posted on 12-25-16 07:52 AM (rev. 2 of 12-31-16 05:05 AM) Link | #80555
So i got a new r4i RTS for 3DS, and all worked perfectly fine on my New 3DS XL with 11.0.0-33. But then i made a big mistake:
I wanted to try download play out. Since the normal Firmware from the DS doesn't allow hacked roms to download, i have to use an modified version of the Firmware, that is here: http://nsmbhd.net/thread/1283-how-to-get-mvsl-hacks-to-work-multicart-and-download-play-tutorial/
On the normal DS, it works fine, but then on the New 3DS, it started with "system files lost" or something and leads me into touch screen calibration and date setting, like you started a brandnew DS. But now the problem:
It seems to corrupt the Firmware for NDS games that is IN THE 3DS. When i start now a normal DS game, the touch screen doesn't work anymore, and it's everytime in english (it should be in german). In some case, the touch screen works, like in Mario Kart DS, when switching the bottom screen map, but that's all. Also the 3DS sometimes crashes in a hard way (it goes
immediately off, as if the fuse were blown) when starting a DS game.

Is there any way to rescue the normal FW to get my DS games on my 3DS working again?

Thanks in advantage :)

EDIT: Fixed by formatting the 3DS. Offtopic to say, but which exploit supports HANS on the actual firmware?

Posted on 12-31-16 05:29 AM Link | #80659
This has all exploits listed, and which firmware versions each of them support.

Main - 3DS game hacking and emulation - [HELP] I somehow corrupted the Firmware for NDS games? [FIXED] New reply

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