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Posted on 10-18-16 10:53 PM (rev. 2 of 10-18-16 10:54 PM) Link | #78937
So i've been playing this, i'm like one chapter in.

Honestly, it's just okay in my opinion. The overworlds are nice and fun to explore but there is also a lot of stuff I don't like including the battle system, overworld map, and the music is kind of forgettable to me.

Im still really disappointed by the direction the PM series has gone. Everything has gone down since TTYD, with Sticker Star being the low point. This game is okay, but that's a huge step down from the perfection that was Thousand Year Door. Call me an elitist, but I just enjoyed TTYD soooooo much.

EDIT: Oops, there is already a thread about this game, sorry StapleButter. I didn't see it because it hasn't been bumped in quite a while.

Posted on 10-18-16 10:54 PM Link | #78938
the filesystem is lol tho


(post deleted) #78949

Posted on 10-19-16 04:48 PM Link | #78950
Super Paper Mario is my favourite PM game tbh. The gameplay, story, dialog etc really stood out to me. TTYD was just boring to me.

On the topic of Colour Splash, it really doesn't really interest me. Maybe its just me, but I just found it bland - especially the battle system. The music just doesn't fit in well, either.


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Posted on 10-19-16 05:15 PM Link | #78951
Posted by GamesWithIsaac
I love the dialog in the game. Like at the end Luigi drops you off at this castle and the paint bucket guy says,"thanks Luigi. If anybody gives you a hard look, just do your death stare."
Nintendo is listening to the memes!!

This post is a bit painful to read. First, it's "dialogue". The paint bucket guy is Huey, and he does not directly say death state.

Also, the dialogue is nice but it dampens the whole experience when most of the characters speaking are generic Toads.

Super-toad 65
Posted on 10-20-16 08:16 AM Link | #78961

The worst idea ever. Didn't they learn how bad sticker star was (the giant goomba music was good -.-) ? Well, they're trying to destroy the wiiu IMO

Also, LOLDERP 3ds port for SMM.

A dumbass idea

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Posted on 10-20-16 08:24 AM Link | #78962
looks like you met the LOLDERP BANHAMMER.

it's because I'm an idiot. we all are, except you.

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Posted on 10-21-16 07:50 AM Link | #78991
So did anyone get the game early?
Don't really like how Nintendo added the Fan back and other 3D objects for battle. I really like the level design tho.

Posted on 10-21-16 02:32 PM Link | #79004
Posted by MrRean
the filesystem is lol tho

Is it like Mario Super Sluggers's file system?

Baby Luigi
Posted on 10-23-16 09:35 PM Link | #79116
The Mario Super Sluggers filesystem is the worst file system I've seen for a Mario game

Everything except for sound and .thps are compressed in a big-iiiing ass .dat file with a nonsense name like AAAAA.dat

Posted on 10-23-16 09:47 PM Link | #79120
Gave the game back to my friend. Wasn't really enjoying it much. After Sticker Star I can't really play a Paper Mario game structured like that again, especially on a home console.

Posted on 12-30-16 06:53 PM Link | #80642
I loved the structure of Color Splash. Everything flowed nicely and it was fun from start to finish. I feel like most people are going in with the intent to hate everything and do as a result.

Posted on 12-30-16 07:06 PM Link | #80643
Well I got Color Splash for christmas and I just finished the battle with Ludwig. So far the game has been great with the music, dialog, etc. But I do have a few parts that I find myself hating.

1)Timing Sometimes I find myself in places that seem really slow but other times it seems really fast.

2)Battle System I'm not a big FAN of the things card, the only actually thing you use them in are to cause stuff and to defeat bosses. With the color I sometimes find myself coloring another card that doesn't get used and the paint goes to waste it be cool if I got the paint back.

well thats all for me.

Posted on 01-01-17 04:57 PM Link | #80703
Posted by Mayro
I loved the structure of Color Splash. Everything flowed nicely and it was fun from start to finish. I feel like most people are going in with the intent to hate everything and do as a result.

Nope. I went in with an open mind, but the battle system sucks, so I got frusterated.

Posted on 01-04-17 07:49 PM Link | #80760
You said that "it's okay" so I don't think Mayro was directing the post at you.

Posted on 01-04-17 08:27 PM Link | #80763
My opinion has changed since then. What I once thought was okay is now plain mediocre. I got to the Crimson tower and by that point it just felt like I was playing Sticker Star 2. I tortured myself enough by playing the entireity of Sticker Star so I just gave up on Color Splash and returned it back to my friend who I was borrowing it from.

Baby Luigi
Posted on 01-06-17 04:45 PM Link | #80800
Well I'd get burnt out from this game too.

Then again, I never finished Thousand-Year Door. That game didn't really keep my interest.

Posted on 01-06-17 09:13 PM Link | #80812
It appears to be a common complaint. It's a solid game, but holdovers from Sticker Star, well, hold it back. The battle system seems pretty shallow to me, where you have to use this single item to win the battle and it has to be this item, strategy be damned.

Posted on 01-07-17 05:00 PM (rev. 2 of 01-07-17 05:02 PM) Link | #80825
Posted by LeftyGreenMario
It appears to be a common complaint. It's a solid game, but holdovers from Sticker Star, well, hold it back.

Very solid point right here. I think I would've enjoyed the game a lot more if it wasn't so similar to Sticker Star.

I don't mind if the game isn't TTYD 2 but it really bothered me that it took most inspiration from my least enjoyed PM game.

In fact, I think I disliked CS's battle system even more than Sticker Stars. It just takes way too long to do something like use a simple jump attack.

Baby Luigi
Posted on 01-08-17 01:31 AM Link | #80836
I'm actually interested if they do another formula if they somehow can't use their original one. The RPGs are a large and vast genre, and there's still lots of experimentation to do. Sticker Star's formula and Color Splash's formula didn't work out, they should get a new concept entirely.

I'd really rather they stick with what works and continue building on it. TTYD could still use a whole crap ton of improvements, one of them being more involved partners, with them having a greater story arc than contained within the chapter. Think how other RPGs handle their team members, Paper Mario could definitely use that.

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