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12-11-18 08:16 AM

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Main - 3DS game hacking and emulation - Problems with v11.0.0-33U New reply

Posted on 10-06-16 04:52 PM Link | #78278
I'm still on v. 11.0.0-33U, and I was able to boot homebrew via system menu. But I believe the message to update appeared (I declined), but after I rebooted my 3DS, my custom theme doesn't show up and I can't access homebrew.

I'm screwed, am I?

Posted on 10-06-16 09:32 PM Link | #78291
You're screwed.

You might as well update to 11.1 and get a primary exploit.

Posted on 10-06-16 11:44 PM Link | #78295
Yes, mostly, the only you can do is get a gamecard that have an exploit that works in your version, and that"s primary or you have a way to install the exploit for your version.

Posted on 10-07-16 01:56 PM Link | #78313
Oh well. Should've ran the goddamn tubehax dns.

I do have Ocarina of Time lying around. But would my system be considered "previously exploited" or not?

Posted on 10-07-16 02:13 PM (rev. 2 of 10-07-16 02:15 PM) Link | #78315
Yes, you need either already a way to access the Homebrew Launcher (and that the console is in 10.7.0-X or lower, or that have CFW), alternatively in the case Ocarina of Time 3D you can use PowerSaves to install the exploit for America, Europe and Japan version of thegame.

Posted on 10-07-16 02:47 PM Link | #78318
So I just need PowerSaves. I'll think about that, unless there is going to be a new exploit for this version or an exploit that doesn't require something like Freakyforms Deluxe.

Posted on 10-07-16 05:35 PM Link | #78323
Posted by LeftyGreenMario
Oh well. Should've ran the goddamn tubehax dns.


Its dead.

Posted on 10-07-16 05:39 PM Link | #78325
Man, I'm so behind on this. I don't know what I'm supposed to do to block firmware updates.

Posted on 10-07-16 10:50 PM Link | #78337
There are a lot of things, but first you can enter to Recovery Mode and press cancel to delete downloaded updates.
Then you can block them with DNS with your Internet connection or blocking them in your router and similar.

Posted on 10-08-16 10:29 PM Link | #78379

That doesn't work due to

1) DNS not working
2) That won't remove the internet nag.

Posted on 10-09-16 08:37 PM Link | #78468
There are more DNS not only TubeHax, and in case they are down itwill cause the console to doesn"t connect to the Internet.
But yes, even if they block updates you can"t block the Internet Browser Nag in 10.7.0-32 and 11.0.0-33 Internet Browser with DNS (I"m not sure about 10.6.0-31 Internet Browser but 10.6.0-31 one can use the clock bypass).

Posted on 11-05-16 03:01 PM Link | #79503

I've found HANS screenshot-taking tool to be a very valuable tool since I contribute to MarioWiki so if someone points me to an exploit that doesn't require PowerSaves (though I'm still considering about that), it would be nice.

Posted on 11-05-16 04:16 PM (rev. 2 of 11-05-16 04:16 PM) Link | #79506
I think it's either powersaves, ninjhax or a flashcard.

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Main - 3DS game hacking and emulation - Problems with v11.0.0-33U New reply

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