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12-18-18 05:33 AM

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Ambiance 69
Posted on 12-06-15 02:31 AM Link | #66121
Posted by Platinatic
i understand that you like doing this, but what is the target audience?
I can't think of any group of people who would want to play this.
The main reason is that it doesn't feel "fresh", there's nothing in this hack that people would want to see, because it's all so similar to the finished game

This hack is to restore the beta SM64x4, nothing else.

You can't escape me.

Posted on 12-06-15 07:57 PM (rev. 3 of 12-08-15 01:49 AM) Link | #66129
I was thinking a beta recreation would be a good idea, the beta version shown in 2004 certainly does look intriguing especially with the basement bowser and remade castle grounds, with greater focus on multi-player the final was good but a little disappointing to me compared to what was shown then. I have to agree with the other members here though, I think texture editing does not pose much interest. When comparing the final from the beta my primary thoughts weren't "oh the textures are different" but rather much more focused on the features a spoke of above. For the record MarioFanatic64 has already done a beta texture hack for BOB:

I don't mean to dampen your spirits but I feel you could really advance here if you learn model editing and focus on getting experience in other fields of editing.

All that aside the font edit looks great, where/how did you get/create it?

Posted on 12-06-15 09:37 PM Link | #66130
How did you get the two games to play at the same time?

Posted on 12-06-15 10:11 PM Link | #66131
Posted by FireMario74
How did you get the two games to play at the same time?

Uh dude, I'm pretty sure getting 2 videos to play side by side is something any half-decent editing software can do.

Posted on 12-06-15 10:16 PM Link | #66132
I know but every movement is exactly the same. And fyi I haven't invested my time in any video software of any kind. Not to be rude but I'm just saying.

Ambiance 69
Posted on 12-07-15 09:35 AM Link | #66138
Posted by Parashoe
All that aside the font edit looks great, where/how did you get/create it?

Most of the numbers were in early NSMB Screenshots. I created some of them from scratch.

You can't escape me.

Posted on 12-07-15 08:34 PM Link | #66159
It was I who made that video, in response to the Bob-omb Battlefield texture hack in this thread.

Desmume has a built-in function that records all of your movements and can play them back for you. I recorded my movements in Bob-omb Battlefield, and then replayed it and recorded it in both a texture hacked and non-texture hacked versions of SM64DS.

Ambiance 69
Posted on 01-10-16 01:30 PM (rev. 2 of 01-10-16 01:32 PM) Link | #66939
Bumping my own thread, but this is the current progress:

You can't escape me.

Posted on 09-26-16 01:29 PM Link | #77992

Posted on 09-26-16 03:25 PM Link | #77993
please don't use capital letters for no reason

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul
melonDS the most fruity DS emulator there is


Posted on 09-26-16 03:37 PM (rev. 4 of 09-26-16 07:23 PM) Link | #77994
Posted by SuperGoomba4357

Can't tell if sarcasm or spammer, but this hack is garbage. Considering most of the beta showed 4 characters, a true beta restoration would require 4 player adventure mode. Not to mention the creators lack of effort to even create proper maps, but instead give everything a texture thats only purpose is to be of worse quality to restore the "beta textures".

*quietly whispers*
move r0 r7
push r4 to r14
load register r4 into r0

Posted on 09-27-16 03:10 PM Link | #78025
Also, there is hardly any early footage of this game - or that many changes, so a "beta" remake is kinda pointless
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