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12-12-18 06:41 PM

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Posted on 09-17-16 02:37 AM Link | #77513
Well I have benn seeing around to a 3DS Capture Card, there"s Katsukity and loopy/Merki, in that I think I prefer and choice loopy/Merki capture card.
But going to think it (also it is an high price for one) do you think is worth to buy one?
I guess it will be useful to use for records and for playing in a bigger screen but it should be worth it?
I will also like to hear personal opinions of people that have a 3DS Capture Card of any of that of their thoughts about it and if is worth to buy on.

Posted on 09-17-16 10:40 AM Link | #77522
If you have a new 3DS with a CFW, you can use NTR CFW to stream video footage over the network, with some lag and input latency.

Here's what the quality of the footage looks like:

If you still are interested in a capture card, my brother has a Katsukity capture card 2DS and Loopy o3DS, and, from what I've seen, do NOT get a Katsukity one. It is extremely fragile and sometimes doesn't work.

As for whether it's worth it or not, that's up to you. My brother makes daily (Or something like that) videos with his so it was worth it. If you don't think you'll be recording that much, I wouldn't do it just because it is so pricey.

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Posted on 09-24-16 02:02 AM Link | #77911
Well I think is a good and very impresive quality and FPS to be through Wi-fi, but I think I"ll like the capture card more since I can record it without needing another Wi-fi router for it and also I wil be bale to record DS/DSi games and the GBA Ambassador games; I don"t use CFW with any of my consoles but it isn"t as I don"t know how it works and how to do it.
At the moment I usually use Citra Emulator for capture 3DS games; but getting outside the speed, graphics problems and compatibility problems beetwen games it doesn"t have compatibility with Online at all and makes sense at this point to don"t even start developing them; for how many times I think I should use I think that a couple of times every week. But for the time it seems that Loopy is sould out, it happened before so I hope he restock them later this week since I don"t want to bought a Katsukity one and buying one from other places can be more expensive.

Main - Gaming - 3DS Capture Card, worth to buy? New reply

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