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10-23-20 01:15 AM

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Main - Misc. ROM hacking - [SM64 major hack] Luigi and the Forest Ruins: REBOOT New reply

Posted on 06-14-16 05:05 PM (rev. 9 of 09-14-16 06:03 PM) Link | #72071
Hey, that's-a-Crash! Remember me? No? Missed me? Yes?

Well guess what, I had a pack of new stuff to showcase you here after a long slumber away from here and SMWC!

(old beta title screen)

The mod is just a full recreation of TheGael95's original project. It follows the original plot and will feature a total new level redesign, some new stars (around 40, since it's a short major hack), custom music/objects and a bit of unused stuff added in the mix.

The image shown above the title screen of the game. Apparently it won't show up anymore since the main ROM I use was from Cjes's Super Luigi 64 unless it's fixed back (?)

Sneak peek (via sketchup)

Course 1: Grassland Gardens. The most basic place where Luigi sets off first at collecting Power Stars. He'll meet old friends and foes throughout this peaceful land.

Course 2: Boo Lake Castle. Luigi doesn't need to go hunt inside mansions anymore, he will find an abandoned castle in a lake solely infested of ghosts. Take care!

Starting Map: Nuro Forest Woods. Following the adventures of Luigi's Mansion 64*, Luigi tries to get home and finds on his way the ruins of a palace in the deep forest woods. What mystery could exactly be inside this place?

* A recent major hack of mine using TT64 based on the same game.

Course 4: Mount Bullsy. Luigi scales feet by feet on a mountain surrounded by burning lava, funky fungus, and mostly the bulky bullies.

Course 6: Snowfall Pinks. Upon the pink sky of dawn, shivering snowflakes fall in a village which coexists Toads and Tuxies; playtime's neverending as the Big Snowman protects the entire valley.

Peach's Castle. Nothing special other than being the Mushroom Kingdom's landmark which the actual princess lives in. It's actually the- shhhh, let's not spoil it!

Main overworld: Nuro Ruins Palace. It's where you start after entering the ruins by the woods, all worlds are there so you can warp to them with ease, but rooms require star power.




Tell me what you think about those since I wanna keep this a secret but I had to give up because I worked on these for about... bleh I don't know~

And there's even more to that being done and you will see it until I upload a preview. :-)


As it's own WIP status, you can, in the meantime, play the current version of the hack (TheGael95's version) clicking on this link here. It may be not great, yet it's decent and playable.



Skelux, frauber, Starxxon/VL-Tone - for making Toad's Tool 64 and the SM64 Level Importer

TheGael95 - for providing his level models, and giving me the right to recreate one of his projects

Cjes - for the new Luigi model (and the mod itself) (not included in the final version but textures are)

Kaze - for the MOP files

Pilzinsel64 - for additional helpful tools

SMWCentral's SM64 community - textures, music imports, tools and resources


By the way, Super Crash 64 isn't dead yet. But it will be moved on after this project.

Posted on 09-14-16 05:58 PM Link | #77297
Oh crap, I can't believe I forgot this... anyways here's my Luigi thingy out for download. Enjoy~

Posted on 09-16-16 09:54 PM Link | #77507
This looks really nice and amazing! Keep up the good work. :)

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Posted on 10-26-16 12:31 AM Link | #79188
Wow, those models look really nice. I'll play this when I have the time. :)

I hope to see more Super Mario 64 hacks from you in the future.

Main - Misc. ROM hacking - [SM64 major hack] Luigi and the Forest Ruins: REBOOT New reply

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