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12-11-18 02:05 AM

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Posted on 09-11-16 01:14 PM (rev. 2 of 09-11-16 03:42 PM) Link | #77122

Koopa's Browser Slotloader

This is a web page I made for easily running BIN and MP4 payloads from folders on your computer without dealing with extra HTML files.
Download Latest Version (1.0)


Local Hosting

In order to use this, you'll need your own local host. I recommend using XAMPP. If you've just installed it and don't know how to use it, open the XAMPP Control Panel and click Start next to Apache.
If it says something about port 80, on windows you can type this into an admin command prompt:
net stop was /y
Now, download the latest release, and extract the two folders to the location of your server root (On Windows, by default it's "C:\xampp\htdocs\").

Configuring the slots

Included in the ZIP, there is a "slots" folder in with 15 folders named "1", 2", ect. Each of these represents a space on the grid of the webpage.
Each folder must contain:
- A BIN and/or MP4 payload
- An 84px x 84px PNG icon (Optional)
More than one BIN in a folder will leave that slot blank, same with MP4s.
Not having a PNG icon will replace that slot's icon with a premade question mark one.
You can name these files whatever you want.
Unlike shown in this screenshot, the files can have different names.
These files were placed in the "/slots/1/" folder, so in the first slot of the page, the Kernel Exploit icon and link will appear.

Several payloads are already included with this. The MP4s are more likely to successfully boot. The BIN option is still provided since that's what most homebrews are originally distributed as (If they aren't in ELF format for the Homebrew Launcher), and since some homebrew does not work in the MP4 format, namely the TCP Gecko Installer from PyGecko.

To convert a BIN to MP4, load the BIN payload on your computer, which should show a video player. Right click and click save as (Or press Ctrl + S), and save it as an MP4.

Accessing the page on a Wii U

If you don't know what your computer's local IP is, on Windows you can run this command in a command prompt to get it:
Under "Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:" there should be an IPv4 Address, and that's what your computer's local IP is.

On your Wii U, open up the browser, and assuming that you extracted the "browserhax" and "slotloader" folders directly to the "htdocs" folder, go to:
Once the page is loaded, press A or tap the bottom bar (You'll have to click the left analog stick to reveal it.) to switch between showing BINs and MP4s.

Simply tap on an icon to launch it.




  • Initial release.
  • Added MP4 support thanks to's script.
  • New icons.
  • 99.9% boot rate!
  • Loading screen.
  • Lots of optimizations to the Javascript.

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Posted on 09-11-16 02:19 PM Link | #77124
your userlinks are wrong


Posted on 09-11-16 03:43 PM Link | #77126
Fixed, they were originally meant for RHC :P

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Posted on 09-11-16 05:04 PM Link | #77135
Sexy. Thank you.


Main - WiiU game hacking and emulation - Koopa's Browser Slotloader - An easy to use local hosting kit New reply

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