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01-18-18 04:50 AM

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Posted on 08-28-16 01:42 PM Link | #76597
Yeah, it has to do with who runs things. As far as RVL is concerned, the 'elite four' was a bad idea.

Now it's pretty much RoadrunnerWMC in control, and his administration is a giant joke at best.

oh hey, let's make this guy an admin!

wait what, previous incidents indicate he would be a terrible admin?

... oh but wait, it doesn't matter. StapleButter was involved, it's all his fault!

so let's make that guy an admin! :D

not too long later, the same guy goes dictator over the board, gets called out, ends up banning himself out of ego.

me, surprised? not at all.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul

what do you use to measure bolts? a boltmeter

Posted on 09-05-16 01:08 PM Link | #76899
Posted by StapleButter
I could also write about how to romhax, or how I admin, for whoever wants.

Can you do so? I'd really like to know your way of management.
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