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12-13-18 10:13 AM

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Posted on 07-29-16 04:30 AM Link | #75115

so, this is my first C++ video game i have ever made, well technically I've made other games it just my laziness took over! but not this time!
what this game is about?
well if you ever played Asteroids (the 1990 arcade game) then you will love this game! Its a new look on a classic game! in the beginning your sip will be flashing black, gray, and white.. thats your invincibility, when that runs out you can now die by the asteroids!

So far there are no custom power-ups..

I will update this game Monthly, until i get bored with it :b
update may include but are not limited to: New power-ups, bug fixes, different enemies, and other cool stuff!

Well, I hope you try out my game..

BTW I might port it to Android and or IOS soon!
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Posted on 07-30-16 09:38 PM Link | #75362

hello guys! this is a better recording quality for the WIP of Asteroids Remastered, right now those pads the ship flies on are Power Stations, in theory when ever the ship lands on those PS its supposed to fire bullets for about 5 to 8 seconds...
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Posted on 07-30-16 10:00 PM Link | #75364
hey, nice job. looks like an amusing little timewaster.

do you plan on giving the game more color? (eg. starry background, etc)

Posted on 07-30-16 10:03 PM Link | #75367
well.. I was thinking about that and I said no, because in the original it was just a black background..
Then again I was tinkering with Menus and maybe I'll add a option for changing the background..
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Posted on 08-30-16 06:14 PM Link | #76674
this projects dead!
plz delete!
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Main - Trash - Asteroids Remastered Thread closed

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