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10-21-18 02:43 PM

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Main - 3DS game hacking and emulation - Any good courses for C++? New reply

Posted on 08-18-16 04:58 PM Link | #76248
So I have been wanting to make my own homebrew applications for the nintendo 3DS for a while now. The problem is there is not really many tutorials out there that teach how to do this kind of stuff. I have heard C++ is the go to language for hacking mario games and such. So do any of you happen to know any good online courses about C++? Right now I know a good amount about C# but that language really is not meant for hacking mario games or making homebrew applications.
Any answers?

Posted on 08-18-16 06:07 PM Link | #76249
Honestly, I have no idea, because I'm mostly self-taught. Try googling for C/C++ tutorials? Pretty sure there are some good ones.

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Posted on 08-18-16 06:34 PM Link | #76251

Posted on 08-18-16 07:00 PM Link | #76254
Personally, I could never stay on one tutorial for too long. I just went through many different tutorials. The rest I learned/am learning by just reading other people's code and looking at Stack Overflow.

(Speaking of Stack Overflow, they're starting their own tutorials, you might want to take a look at that.)

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Posted on 08-18-16 07:17 PM Link | #76255

I have friends that have used the site sololearn when learning c++, the tutorials are supposedly quite good.

Posted on 08-18-16 08:34 PM Link | #76263
TheKoopaKingdom's awnser was similar to the way I learned, but I also learned as I went by working on a few simple projects. In terms of actual tutorials, its not c++ its c but "Learn C The Hard Way" by Zed Shaw is a really nice book I suggest reading.

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Posted on 08-20-16 06:33 PM Link | #76346
Practise by creating an actual product off the bat, that's the best way to learn any Programming Language you want.
It'll be really hard and boring at first, but it'll get easier and more fun automatically over time.

Posted on 08-20-16 06:47 PM Link | #76349

After learning some basics, I found that learning by doing is the best thing you can do.

Whenever I ran into a problem, I looked it up. If you do that for a bit you might become a descent programmer :)

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Posted on 08-20-16 09:48 PM Link | #76358
Exactly my thoughts, Mariomaster!
I'm glad someone finally agrees with me.

Seriously, no matter how much I tell this to whoever wants to learn how to Program, they keep ignoring my advise, and instead, they keep asking me which Tutorial I recommend them, because my advise 'is way to hard'.
Yes, it's the hard way, but it's also the fast way and effective way.
I always found Tutorials to be slow and ineffective, since Tutorials only cover stuff they want you to know, while taking the approach Mariomaster just explained covers whatever you want to know.

Posted on 08-20-16 10:30 PM Link | #76360
Yeah, learning by doing is one of the best ways; I didn't think a lot of people agreed with me on that or learned that way like I did, but apparently they do from what Yami and Mariomaster are saying :P I know I already suggested a "tutorial", but its best to just use it for refrence if you get stuck with something (I tend to only just jump around in it when I need it).

Also, don't be afraid to look things up if there really is something you can't figure out. I have found that learning by doing makes solving problems and spotting bugs easier in the future because in a tutorial you usually don't have a lot of bugs or issues appear.

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Main - 3DS game hacking and emulation - Any good courses for C++? New reply

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