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07-16-20 12:45 PM

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Posted on 08-03-16 03:32 PM Link | #75617
So this is just a compilation of suggestions I have to improve the board. Some of these are just minor styling suggestions also.

1) Implement the online users text on all pages. It is quite annoying when you go to some other page and you can't see who's online anymore.

2) I think I posted this before, but putting the number of new threads under the new text in the forum listing would be helpful as well.

3) An option to order by ascending/descending on the member list page.

4) A built-in "thing" for the IRC page, so you don't have to use your own IRC client to connect to the IRC.

5) Show the rankset info on the profile page, for example, the current rank and how many posts for the next rank. Possibly add more rankesets as well.

6) Make the uploader, wiki, and object databases part of this board. Right now, they are listed under separate directories and they still work with the board, but all those header links, views, time/date are gone.

7) Thread descriptions - would be useful for someone new to a thread to learn more about it before actually clicking on the thread and also gives more context than the title.

8) Fix that Acmlmboard smileys issue (it is fixed on board.kafuka.org)

9) Equip multiple items in one category? Would be fun. :)

10) Favorites - enables users to access their favorited threads more easily.

11) Report posts feature

12) Post Plus Ones feature, another fun thing from other boards

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Posted on 08-03-16 03:39 PM Link | #75618
1. sounds good, but I'm afraid it'd cause quite a visual bloat

2. might reimplement it eventually. required extra queries and shit tho.

3. you can take the listing from the end :P dunno

4. sure, if you can find an IRC applet that doesn't suck and doesn't act as a proxy for lamers to abuse. most of the applets use Flash or Java which are out of the question, and either are shareware or suck in some way. PJIRC was decent but the certificate required for it has expired.

5. perhaps. 'd rather reimplement ranks.php tho. dunno.

6. those aren't part of the board per se. might work for the uploader, but for example the SM64DS objectDB was built into a different codebase and hacked to work with this board.

7. dunno.

8. regexes need reworking. known.

9. the current system doesn't make it possible. the amount of effort required outweighs the benefits.

10. might be reimplemented.

11. not needed. and the Blargboard one was an ugly hack.

12. not really needed.

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Main - Site help, bug reports, suggestions - Some suggestions New reply

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