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01-20-19 01:56 PM

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Main - 3DS game hacking and emulation - What language for hacking the 3DS? New reply

Posted on 06-02-16 08:26 PM Link | #71356
Hello everyone of kuribo64. I am very new to this website as you can most likely tell from my profile. I am interested in hacking the 3DS. I was wondering if anyone knows what programming language is used for the 3DS? I have done some of my own research and found that most people would say C/C++. Is this true? An answer would be very appreciated.

Posted on 06-02-16 08:45 PM (rev. 2 of 06-02-16 08:45 PM) Link | #71359
Welcome to Kuribo64!
The two options for creating 3DS homebrew are:
- C/C++, which is the most common.
- Lua, which is a scripting language interpreted by a library by Rinnegatamante called Lua Player Plus, aka lpp-3ds.
I would suggest going with C or C++ if you haven't made 3DS homebrew before. As for which one, I'm not sure, I only know C++.

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Posted on 06-02-16 09:14 PM Link | #71364
er, this was the WiiU forum. The 3DS one is just above.

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Posted on 06-03-16 07:15 PM Link | #71396
Thank you for all answers!

Main - 3DS game hacking and emulation - What language for hacking the 3DS? New reply

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