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08-16-18 12:36 PM

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Main - 3DS game hacking and emulation - How to access the E-SHOP ?!? New reply

Posted on 03-26-16 03:05 PM Link | #69096
I really need help !!!

I want to start the E-Shop on my hacked 3ds ( 9.9.0 ). I tried to use HANS and ctr-httpwn but everytime when I start it with HANS, it just displays a stupid black screen. Can someone help me?

Thank you for advance :D

Posted on 03-26-16 03:25 PM Link | #69098
Why not just downgrade and set up a 10.7 emuNAND? Afaik you don't need hans if you're using httpwn, I believe you just run it.

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Posted on 03-26-16 03:30 PM Link | #69099
httpwn just activates something, but doesn't start anything. But downgrading is not a bad idea!

Posted on 03-26-16 03:36 PM Link | #69100
Hm but i really don't know, how downgrading works. I just want to access the e-shop and it should work with HANS and httpwn !

Posted on 03-26-16 04:33 PM Link | #69104

You have to run httpwn and then the eShop via HANS or by returning to the Home Menu by pressing Start and then X.

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Posted on 03-26-16 05:22 PM Link | #69105
The screen turns just black, when I click on "OK" in HANS !!!

Posted on 03-26-16 05:34 PM Link | #69106
Note: It turns black with EVERY app I started with HANS !!

Posted on 03-26-16 05:42 PM Link | #69107

Then, I guess you did something wrong :P
Try reinstalling and, if necessary updating the whole homebrew starter kit on your sd card.

(Also this thread looks kinda funny with two post of your's and alternately one other :P)

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Posted on 03-26-16 05:59 PM Link | #69111
Hm, what exactly was wrong? Is there something, which is required too? I have httpwn and HANS, homebrew is actually and sd card has nearly 4GB space. What's missing ?!?

Posted on 03-26-16 06:16 PM (rev. 2 of 03-26-16 06:16 PM) Link | #69114

There is nothing missing. But it can be that you somehow messed up your sd or have outdated versions of something.

Just do what I said in my last post and then post exactly (please with a bit more description than last time) what happens.

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Posted on 03-27-16 07:47 PM Link | #69150
please edit your posts rather than doubleposting, please


Posted on 05-14-16 08:42 AM (rev. 7 of 05-14-16 09:09 AM) Link | #70721
One solution may be to not use the eShop at all.

Use FBI to install apps. You can get tickets the web or your 3DS's NAND (as depending on certain factors, the 3DS will automatically download tickets for bought titles). You can buy software with the Nintendo official website.

Posted on 05-22-16 01:51 PM Link | #70910
Thank you all for your help :) I found the solution:
I used IRONHAX to start the Homebrew Channel, and HANS ever crashed when starting it with the eShop and the firmwarespoofing selected. Now I tried it with Homemenuhax and it works without any problems!!! ( except blargSNES, which crashes now when starting )

Posted on 05-23-16 06:47 AM Link | #70915
It also seems they updated the eShop hax, or Nintendo update their servers in a way that made it work.

Main - 3DS game hacking and emulation - How to access the E-SHOP ?!? New reply

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