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09-25-21 09:08 AM

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Baby Luigi
Posted on 03-13-16 05:16 PM Link | #68496
Complain about it here

Personally, while I'm not a huge Paper Mario fan, the direction the series is going in isn't good. I'm not raging that it's not a Thousand-Year Door sequel, but Sticker Star has a myriad of problems from its design core that I doubt a sequel to it can fix. Unless it impresses me with a ton of improvements to the original Sticker Star formula, I'm staying overly cautious about this game.

Posted on 03-13-16 07:31 PM Link | #68505
I was a little bummed that it seems to bring back all the worst aspects about Sticker Star, but it did convince me to replay Sticker Star and I've got to say, Sticker Star plays better than I remember. And GameXplain's analysis makes me feel as if this one will definitely be better than Sticker Star.

So I'm gonna be hopeful on this one.

Posted on 03-13-16 08:13 PM Link | #68513
The only Paper Mario game that I've ever gotten around to play was Super Paper Mario, so I can't really have that much of an opinion on Color Splash. But even at that standpoint, Color Splash doesn't look too appealing to me. It just looks like you're running around pressing A on objects.


Posted on 03-13-16 09:21 PM Link | #68523
It doesn't look terrible but it doesn't look like a masterpiece either.

It's probably going to be a run-of-the-mill, middle-of-the-road game. I'd be willing to give it a shot despite a grand majority of the long-time fans screaming bloody murder about how horrible the game is going to be.

Posted on 03-13-16 09:29 PM Link | #68526
Sticker Star had two core problems. The characters, writing, and overall plot were lacking, and the battles were pointless. The majority of talking characters were toads, who constantly refrence to being made of paper, and just feel horribly generic. The plot is the same as 64 and TTYD, someone kidnaps Peach, Mario has to collect some stuff and fight the kidnappers. The problem is the lack of sideplots and interesting world design. There was no train that had a penguin detective and mysteries to solve, no toybox that was full of thieving shy-guys, just a few generic NSMB worthy themes that aren't interesting or memorable in any way.

The battles were where it really failed, as they removed the exp system, and replaced it with coins, which you can only use to buy more stickers. If the goal of battles is to use stickers to get stickers, there is no reason to fight them, so the game turns into avoiding enemies and only fighting bosses, and this is fine, because the lack of an exp system means your always strong enough to fight the boss, as long as you pick up stickers from the ground. It really doesn't count as an RPG anymore, and Nintendo knows that. In the US colour splash trailer, they said "action-adventure Paper Mario games". Sticker Star is a platformer with a poorly designed rpg battle system, and Colour Splash has no hope of being a good RPG.

If you look through all three collections of footage, you'll see no exp system at the end of a battle (but coins are displayed), and the characters don't look too interesting (but, since we don't have the game yet, there can still be interesting characters and story, but there probably won't be). Colour Splash even has a battle system that requires collecting cards (aka stickers) and all of these cards share the same icon as some of the stickers. This game has no chance of being great, as at least one of Sticker Stars main flaws is still present, and the other will probably also be there.

TL;DR Colour Splash shares some of sticker stars problems, will probably be mediocre at best.

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Posted on 03-14-16 02:14 AM Link | #68531
Color splash looks like a game I will give ago. I never got around to playing sticker star since I never bought it yet. While it isn't a Paper Mario the thousand year door or a Super Paper Mario (Depending on who you are) this game does have some potential. Sure it has its flaws and it's not what people were wanting but at least it's something.

Posted on 03-14-16 05:57 PM Link | #68559
No one has high expectations for this game. It kinds of sucks because I feel like Mario is in a rut nowadays. Not necessarily stinking the same way Sonic does, but is going through a streak of okayish-to-mediocre games starting with New Super Mario Bros. U (I think 3D World and Mario Kart 8 are good, but 3D World also borders on okayish).

I don't understand the mindset that the Sticker Star formula is going to be reused even though it's obviously not a winning formula. The developers want Sticker Star to be the new standard, but it doesn't work, noted by fan reception, but they still revive the blasted thing. It's like that goddamn car from Mario Party all over again.

Posted on 03-20-16 12:38 PM Link | #68917
That's Nintendo for ya - always dishing out the new and unwanted standards when everyone desperately yells "NO!" at the top of their lungs.

I hope that Color Splash improves by the time E3 rolls around - I really want to get this game, I really do.

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Posted on 03-20-16 01:38 PM Link | #68923
They don't change it because they know we're still going to buy it, if it were to flop so bad that they noticed that it wasn't doing well, then some changes would most likely be made.

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Posted on 03-20-16 02:25 PM Link | #68926
in other words, if you don't like it, refund it

that way they actually know that everyone thinks it sucks

Baby Luigi
Posted on 03-20-16 06:38 PM Link | #68944
You can always buy it used as well. ;)

Posted on 03-21-16 05:05 PM Link | #68995
The whole Paper Mario thing is like Smash Bros. Unless they release a remake of TTYD (Paper Mario's 'Melee'), there's always going to be hate.


Posted on 03-21-16 05:24 PM Link | #68996
That goes for anything after the 6th generation if you think about it.

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Baby Luigi
Posted on 03-22-16 07:38 PM Link | #69015
Doesn't that actually apply to all generations?

Posted on 03-22-16 09:59 PM Link | #69017
First and second generations, A.K.A the 8-bit era?

There weren't any expectations for any franchises so there wasn't anything to whine about being "different" or "too similar".

Everything after the 16-bit era definitely counts though

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