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11-28-20 03:22 AM

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Posted on 09-19-15 09:31 AM (rev. 2 of 10-27-15 06:45 PM) Link | #64208
Oops, seems like I never posted it here. There we go.

Builds from EmuCR are NOT SUPPORTED. You will not receive help if you have trouble with one of these builds.


[image] [image]
[image] [image]
[image] [image]


BlargSnes Page on Wiki
Compatibility list


Version 1.3b: http://blargsnes.kuribo64.net/download/blargSnes_1.3b.zip
Version 1.3: http://kuribo64.net/get.php?id=fYRTHLeS0pR3DXFw

Older: (unsupported)
Version 1.2: http://blargsnes.kuribo64.net/download/blargSnes_1.2.zip
Unofficial 1.19: https://mega.co.nz/#!LJpC0ASK!Jke6Snsfs2sOkQyxfFUC1alGvH6zt9b6tjwdxVKwmm8
Version 1.1: http://kuribo64.net/get.php?id=ccoTzGtwgVkh42b4
Version 1.0: http://kuribo64.net/get.php?id=72nkdEkneiIQqlAW

Source: https://github.com/StapleButter/blargSnes
Website: http://blargsnes.kuribo64.net/

This isn't the cleanest code ever, but it can serve as a handy reference for 3DS homebrew development (or SNES emulation, although I wouldn't recommend it :P ).

Custom borders

blargSNES custom border repository
Custom border submission thread at GBAtemp


Version 1.3:
* Usage of geometry shaders and other speedups to rendering
* Hardware renderer: offset-per-tile, hi-res modes, and more fixes by DiscostewSM
* Much better sound quality, support for noise, echo and pitch modulation (thanks DiscostewSM again)
* Two added scaling modes: 4:3 and cropped 4:3
* Better open-bus emulation, and ability to execute code in open-bus regions (fixes Home Alone)
* Overall more accurate timings, IRQ fixes, etc
* ROM selector is no longer locked to the /snes folder
* the usual forgotten novelties, surprise

Version 1.2:
* Brand new hardware-accelerated renderer
* Scaling support
* Exit button (mainly for use with the Homebrew Launcher)
* Emulation fixes (namely, huge 'next EXP' in Earthbound is fixed)
* Support for the 256x239 mode
* Proper PAL support (actually uses PAL timings)
* Tries to prevent GPU freezes
* Synchronous SPC700 (fixes issues but also causes a little slowdown)
* As usual, more crap I forgot about. Hah.

Version 1.1:
* No more garbled/blank screens or freezes when pressing Home or closing/reopening the 3DS or playing with the 3D slider
* Ability to run a new game without restarting blargSnes
* Screenshot function
* Support for external borders
* Support for backgrounds with 16x16 tiles. Super Bomberman games are finally playable.
* Brightness, color math (blending) and windows added. Many games look nicer this way.
* Several PPU speedups
* Speedhacking disabled (it was error-prone, not that efficient, and broke HDMA)
* Replaced forced 1/2 frameskip with automatic frameskipper (isn't perfect, though)
* More stable display (although tearing still occurs when frameskipping), VSync
* More things I forgot about. Surprise!

What's in the zip

* blargSnes.3ds -- 3DS ROM. Useful for Gateway.
* blargSnes.cia -- Installable version
* blargSnes folder -- files for use with the Homebrew Launcher
* blargSnes.elf -- ELF file. May be useful for alternate homebrew loaders. Provided for the sake of completeness.

How to use

You need a way to run ARM11 userland homebrew on your 3DS.


Copy blargSnes.3ds to the Gateway's MicroSD.

Due to limitations, you will not get sound if you use this method.

Homebrew Launcher / Ninjhax

Copy the blargSnes folder into the 3ds folder on your SD card.

Due to limitations, you will not get sound if you use this method on a New 3DS. 'Old' 3DS users will get sound.

Also note that sleep mode (closing your 3DS) and the Home button don't work when using this method.


The method for using the CIA version will not be covered here because installation of CIA files involves warez.

However, the CIA version gives you the best of all worlds-- sound AND working sleep mode on all systems, provided you're able to install and run it.

You will need either a Gateway or a CFW to be able to run unsigned CIA files. The normal Home menu will show them but will refuse to launch them.

You're on your own for getting SNES ROMs.

On the 3DS's SD card (not the Gateway MicroSD), create a folder named 'snes' and put your SNES ROMs in there.
In the same folder, you can also place savegames. They must have the same name as their corresponding ROM, and have a .srm extension.
With that done, start blargSnes, and you see a ROM selection menu. Select your ROM and press A (or B). See what happens.

You can pause gameplay by tapping the touchscreen. When paused, resume by pressing A or tapping the touchscreen again. You can also select another game by pressing Select, or open the configuration screen by pressing Start, or take a screenshot by pressing both L and R (screenshot is saved to your SD card in .bmp format, includes both screens).

The configuration screen

* Hardware renderer: this enables the hardware-accelerated renderer. It is faster than the software renderer but also less accurate in some cases.
* Scaling: provides some scaling modes for the video output.

How to make a custom border

Your border image needs to be exactly 400x240.

The SNES video output takes place from coordinates 72,8, in a 256x244 rectangle. Anything in this region of your border image will not be visible.

When you're done, save the file at the root of your SD card, under the name blargSnesBorder.bmp. Make sure it is saved as a 24-bit bitmap.

If you have a border you're particularly proud of, you're welcome to post it in this thread :)

Supported features

* Software and hardware renderers
* DMA (with faster paths for VRAM/CGRAM/OAM), HDMA
* SPC700
* Sound (when possible)
* SRAM with auto-saving
* Joypad for player 1 (circle pad also works)
* Catgirls

Future features

* Sound using the 3DS DSP
* Expansion chips. Star Fox in 3D, anyone?


* 3dbrew and all the people who made 3DS homebrew possible
* DiscostewSM for all his coding help
* anyone who helped make lolSnes work
* Bond697 and Normmatt for how to use the 3DS syscore
* smealum for ctrulib and for paving the way to the PICA200
* Martin Korth for the nice SNES documentation and no$sns's debugger
* The authors of SNemulDS for their DSP emulation code
* if you feel I forgot your name here, let me know

Enjoy :)

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul
melonDS the most fruity DS emulator there is


Posted on 10-27-15 06:44 PM Link | #65191

version 1.3b relinked, works with latest hacks

also, there are plans for updates

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul
melonDS the most fruity DS emulator there is


Posted on 11-09-15 08:34 PM Link | #65582
Is local/online multiplayer planned for this emulator or is it just never happening?

A nobody.

Posted on 11-09-15 08:39 PM Link | #65583
it's low in the priority list

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul
melonDS the most fruity DS emulator there is


Posted on 11-10-15 12:45 PM Link | #65589
Are you going to add save states?

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Posted on 11-10-15 12:58 PM Link | #65590
it's also somewhere in the priority list

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul
melonDS the most fruity DS emulator there is


Posted on 03-07-19 02:19 PM Link | #97335
Bump: I just noticed the existence of the "veryhard" branch, which seems to be more up to date than the master branch. What's the difference between the two?

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Posted on 03-07-19 02:21 PM Link | #97336
'veryhard' was meant to be an upgrade to the hardware renderer, using a gross hack to emulate color palettes at the expense of halving GPU performance

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul
melonDS the most fruity DS emulator there is


Main - 3DS game hacking and emulation - blargSNES -- SNES emulator for your 3DS New reply

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