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09-25-18 04:53 PM

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Posted on 10-16-15 07:39 PM Link | #65074
I'm done with University. I need more time for work, and in the end Uni's just going to put me in debt for the rest of my life, and give me a piece of paper that ain't worth jack shit.

Posted on 10-17-15 09:36 PM Link | #65102
Sorry to burst your bubble there bud, but that degree is worth a lot. With that "piece of paper" you get a job that no one without that will get. You think being an engineer, doctor, lawyer can be done without a degree? No. Maybe that piece of paper is worth nothing if you get a major in liberal arts or history, but even then you'd get a better job with that than with a high school diploma.

And yea, if you pick a career that has no future, of course you're gonna end up in debt and you'll never be able to pay it off. If you get a good career, you get a stable job and should be able to pay the loans off quickly if you're smart about money usage.

So you can be one of those "hohoho guys I'm cool, uni's a waste of time, I'm gonna get extremely lucky and start a company and make billions!" like that ONE person, Steve Jobs, or you'll say the same thing and get stuck with a job that pays just enough to get by, "wow, that high school diploma is great!", like most people that choose not to get a post secondary education.

Posted on 10-17-15 09:56 PM (rev. 3 of 10-17-15 11:11 PM) Link | #65103
You're not in my shoes, mate. I've been a University student for three years now. I put school before everything. Now here I am, 20 years old, going on 21 and unemployed.

You know what I'm majoring in? Professional and Creative Writing. At best, that's going to get me a job in journalism. But in this field, work experience is far more important than a degree, and that's exactly what I'm getting with my volunteer job at a media reviewing website.

I don't care if all I get is a low-paying job at this point. In fact, I'd be ecstatic about receiving any kind of income that doesn't make me feel like some kind of white trash dole bludger. I just need any way to gain financial independence until I can get a better job in journalism. All University's doing is holding me back and putting me in a worse off position.

Posted on 10-17-15 10:53 PM Link | #65104
I sort of have the same feelings. If I fail this year, I'm done with studies. I don't want to spend a billion years trying different things.

Unrelatedly: there's no need to quote the post right above yours.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul


Posted on 10-18-15 12:19 PM Link | #65109
Yeah that's why I mentioned that some degrees don't really offer any benefit in some areas. Just wanted to say that a degree is important to get a job in other careers though.

Posted on 10-19-15 07:56 PM Link | #65129
"with a 'master', you get jobs more easily" (5 years of studies vs. 3)

This is the crap I hear. So what does it mean in practice? Are companies all going to want to hire me all of a sudden?

I have zero experience in all that junk, and I hear two completely different and incompatible views of the thing.

1. you will find a job, companies are all looking for people like you and not finding
2. finding a job is a total and complete pain, you need to apply to 500 jobs before you can hope getting one answer

So what am I supposed to believe?

Where does the 'master' get me? It's only a piece of paper. A line on my resume. Resumes are fucking bullshit. People make their resumes lie to get jobs, so in the end, employers make them pass tests to check for all that.

I've been spending all my life so far chasing grades on pieces of papers. Enough of this constant brain masturbation. In the meantime, what am I good for? I'm stuck living off of my parents and not making money. All I'm doing is chasing a title on a piece of paper.

Where am I even going with all that? "it makes it easier to get jobs, blah blah blah". Yeah, enough theory. I'm seeing nothing concrete. Only theories about what my life would be with or without it.

Do I even want to work in IT? Spending all my days coding Java crap? Surrounded by all the enterprise bullshit?

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul


Posted on 10-19-15 10:28 PM Link | #65130
Well, masters degrees are very useful for some careers, and not at all for others. Then again, experience is also very important. I think the best combination one can get if one wants to get a masters degree is to do a research masters, where you get job experience in labs while getting your degree. But this is for science related fields, so might not apply to everyone.

Posted on 10-20-15 09:25 AM Link | #65131
Well, I even wonder if I want to spend all my life staring at computers.

My parents have a big house that is old and has always needed work. I have been helping them with all that work since uh, long, and I enjoy doing that.

I could as well work in similar jobs. Electrical engineer, plumber, painter, whatever. The issue is that it's too late for me to get into the required classes now. I doubt that'd completely lock me out, but I don't think I can work for a company that way.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul


Posted on 10-21-15 02:48 AM Link | #65134
The terrible truth is, they don't really look at your degrees, they look at how you look like.
Like, me and my brother have the same degrees, even then, I always get a Job when I Apply for one, while he doesn't even have a chance.

Because I always go Interviews dressed professionally, and even though I'm small (or normal length, in Japan), I'm at a healthy weight.
My brother at the other hand, goes to Interviews dressed casually, and (sorry for my words) he's fat.

Studies have shown that, but I can't find a source in English, though.
For the people who understand Dutch, or don't mind reading in Dutch: http://nos.nl/artikel/2008218-mooi-zijn-loont-meer-dan-een-diploma.html

Posted on 10-21-15 08:33 AM Link | #65137
Going to an interview dressed casually is a mistake, you always dress professionally for that shit.

I fail to see how being fat lowers your chances, though. Unless the employer is a dipshit. Or unless you're so enormously fat that you broke the chair when sitting down.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul


Posted on 10-21-15 12:41 PM Link | #65138
Agreed. First impressions are key, but I don't see how being fat affects anything.

Posted on 10-21-15 01:40 PM Link | #65140
because if you're fat, it means you don't eat well, and if you don't eat well, it's a sign of lack of self-control, and if you don't have self-control, you are automatically a basement-dwelling waste of matter


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Posted on 10-21-15 01:47 PM Link | #65141
there's fat and fat

they don't care if you're chubby, but being a 180kg blob is definitely a problem

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul

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