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10-16-18 02:19 PM

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Posted on 01-25-15 11:45 AM (rev. 5 of 01-31-15 01:13 PM) Link | #55174
I recreated three of the beta ghosts from E3 2001 here are some screen shots! enjoy!
These were created for a fan game a while back but the director has the "Five Nights At Freddy's feaver" so even he's been a bit lazy... As a result the only complete model is obake 2, obake 1 is near complete, and obake 3 is just getting started!

You can view the screen shots in my dropbox.

You can now download the first released model!

Note:If you want to animate the models or, put them in a game or, hack you all have my permission to do so!


Posted on 01-30-15 10:43 PM (rev. 2 of 01-30-15 10:45 PM) Link | #55578
If anyone wants the beta models i'll put obake2 and, obake1 up for download if anyone wants them, but you must give me credit for my hard work!
But i'll put obake3 up when it's finished, it depends if enough people want them.


Posted on 01-31-15 11:56 AM Link | #55599
Moving this to misc ROM hacking.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul


Posted on 01-31-15 01:15 PM Link | #55600
The first post will be updated as more models are released!


Main - Misc. ROM hacking - Luigi's Mansion Beta Ghost Models! New reply

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