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11-20-18 04:29 PM

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Main - Glass trash - The Cackletta Chronicles (also: enhancing our dictatorship) Thread closed

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Posted on 10-02-14 07:02 AM Link | #48948
Wow. If after all that, people still try to call me a dictator, well, they're hopeless.

I admit that some of the bans I have given were too harsh, but I eventually reconsidered those decisions and shortened or canceled the bans in question.

There is also the case where a user gets a ban that looks totally disproportionate compared to what they did in first place. This typically happens because the user throws a fit and whines about the ban and insults the admins, and nothing stops him.

A note about the part where admins get to read your PMs, too.

It's true. This feature is unethical and controversed, but at the same time, it comes in quite handy when trouble arises.

Under normal circumstances, I never look into another user's PMs. I also expect other admins to do the same-- the board keeps track of PM snooping so I can find out if someone is abusing it.

But now, imagine for a while that you're running a board. I'm a member of said board, and so is user B. I pretend that user B is flooding my PM inbox. Without looking in my or B's PMs, how do you verify that my claim is true?

You could choose to trust me, and ban B. But I may have lied to get B in trouble because I hate him. You could choose to ignore me. But if B is truly spamming me, I eventually get sick of it and leave the board.

Neither possibilities are appealing.

Of course, I could provide a screenshot to try proving that B has really been spamming me. But what does a screenshot really tell? If I have some HTML skills, I may as well have assembled a fake PM inbox page and taken a screenshot of that.

And of course, B would pretend that he did nothing.

But if you're able to check my inbox and B's outbox, you can tell whether B was really spamming me or if I was just making stuff up to get him banned.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul


Posted on 10-02-14 07:50 PM Link | #48980
What was ConcernDoge's post about that got him banned?

Still playing XC2... :D

Posted on 10-03-14 04:00 AM (rev. 2 of 07-17-15 10:45 PM) Link | #48989
Posted by ConcernDoge
Hope we get some new SM64,hacks that don't need extracting! EXTRACTING IZ BAD. old thread = bad idea (CURIOUS.)

Oh and that user's email was fake, too.

More fun facts!

Despite explicitly stating that he wouldn't attack NSMBHD (see post one), Cackletta selects a random thread to whine about me.

Posted by Cackletta at NSMBHD
Nice you moderator you have there, "StapleButter" who bans people because he doesn't like them.

Nevermind that this whole thread pretty much proves the contrary.

And now, this really amusing private message I got from him at the same place.

Posted by Cackletta at NSMBHD
Posted by StapleButter
If you hate me, take it to PMs, but stop causing shit everywhere you go.

Next time it's a ban. I'm sick of you.

I'm sick of your shit too. And Jesse is right, you are a dictator, those people are just lying to you so you don't power abuse and ban them, and if you want proof, here >
I could ban you for any reason, or even no reason at all.

What does that look like? You can also ban me here, I'm not even active here so I couldn't careless.

Because yeah, quoting that sentence completely out of its context is such a proof.

Please quote one user I have banned for no reason. Hah.

And yeah, I bribed each and every user that joined this board so they are favorable to me. Yeah, that's it. You got it all right, Cackletta! Congrats! I'm glad to given you the Kuribo64 Golden Medal of Intelligence and Maturity!

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul


Posted on 10-03-14 06:47 AM Link | #48992
How did you know the email is fake? Can you see our emails? I wanted to have my private. And how did you know the email was fake too?

Posted on 10-03-14 07:41 AM Link | #48998
I, uh, sent him an email.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul


Posted on 10-03-14 08:43 AM Link | #49000
Can you see my email even if I choose "Private"?

Psycho Python Ω
Posted on 10-03-14 08:50 AM Link | #49001
Yes he can. Admins can snoop your E-Mail address, even if you set it to be private.

Also I'm surprised to see what an idiot Skelux is. I always thought he would have proper common sense which he appearently doesn't.
That's sad, he's such a great SM64 hacker and would be a great addition to this board seeing that it is also centered around SM64DS
hacking if it weren't for said lamer attack.
Status: Highly Responsive to Pancakes will soon be Highly Released to Public. :D
Python's Danmakufu Chamber - Energy Balls and Lasers of all Shapes and Colors.

Posted on 10-03-14 12:19 PM Link | #49003
I pay the NSA to give me email credentials of the people I want to snoop ;)

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul


Posted on 10-03-14 12:23 PM Link | #49004
Oh, and he whined to me about calling him "MrGreenIdiot" and saying "all his idea" in a query on IRC.

This is so old and I bet Skelux realizes it was really stupid, but MrGreen thinks it was completely justified. Yeah, real justified, attacking a forum with spam for the board system and an admin who doesn't do what you claim. Yeah.

How has it not stopped yet.

send me your terrible userbars and such to advertize in my footer ;^)

youtube i never use


Posted on 10-03-14 12:25 PM (rev. 2 of 10-03-14 12:30 PM) Link | #49005
Ask Cackletta, I guess.

Oh well, might as well put an end to this thread. We already determined that he's hopeless. He makes as much sense as saying "Earth is flat because I say so". People went to space to take pictures of it, proving it's round? Bullshit!

Actually, yes. There ends this thread. I'll make a separate Cackletta Chronicles thread if need be.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul

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Main - Glass trash - The Cackletta Chronicles (also: enhancing our dictatorship) Thread closed

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