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09-22-20 07:45 PM

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Posted on 04-29-14 10:53 AM Link | #40736
So today Nintendo released a very well-made video regarding E3 2014: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghEhI4CJjAM&list=UUGIY_O-8vW4rfX98KlMkvRg


So there will be a SSB4 Tournament where professionals will enter (and there will be playable demos). And then when I watched the video, I jizzed when the guy said that you could play it outside of E3.

I was all like "A Eshop Demo? YES!".

And then...
then I heard the cursed words...
And thus all of my dreams were shattered.

WHY? JUST WHY?? They already made a demo so I see no logical reason for them to not release it on eshop or even places like GameStop or GAME? DO THEY WANT THE F**** FANS TO PLAY IT OR NOT? I swear to god I will never understand why they choose A US chain of stores instead of something like Gamestop (which is worldwide). I simply cannot get it, and I will hate Best Buy as well as Nintendo of America with all my passion until I get a reason. :(

Of course they MIGHT also give European owners the chance in some other way (in that case it will all be OK), but judging by Last Year, then they will not. They're not even doing that in JAPAN? WHY only US? Are they implying that all the pro SSB players live in the US and that there are no fans in Europe? I will admit that there are more US Nintendo fans, but that's only BECAUSE NINTENDO ISN'T GIVING THE GAMERS IN EUROPE ANY CHANCE TO PLAY THEIR GAMES!!!! >_<

A big middle finger to Nintendo of America
- Sincerely, MM720


Soo rant aside what did you guys think and what are your hopes for E3 2014? :)

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Posted on 04-29-14 04:08 PM Link | #40745
They'll give it to Europe.

I don't get it though. They'll have demos of SSBB on TVs at Best Buy?
Status: It was really, really fun, guys - thanks for the ride!

Posted on 04-29-14 04:47 PM Link | #40746
Might be because they weren't planning on giving a demo at all, and are only doing because of some deal they have with Best Buy. That's the only reason I can come up with(albeit a weak one).

Posted on 04-29-14 05:24 PM (rev. 2 of 04-29-14 05:24 PM) Link | #40747
Really the only problem I have with it is that the demo is hosted at Best Buy. The rest of the video was just awesome.

You can tell I'm testing new avatars.

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Posted on 04-29-14 07:32 PM Link | #40750
What did I just watch...

Posted by Gmanextreme9
Really the only problem I have with it is that the demo is hosted at Best Buy. The rest of the video was just awesome.

You think any other electronics/games store is any better than best buy? IMO, all the stores are pretty bad.

Posted on 05-02-14 08:49 AM Link | #40839
I don't shop at Best Buy. Thusly, Nintendo, you have failed yet again.

Posted on 05-02-14 11:18 PM Link | #40890
Ok I want to see a REAL new Paper Mario for Wii U, info on the next REAL 3D Mario game (SMS 2 please), dlc for MK8, trailer for next console Zelda, more SSB4 information, Mario Party 10 I guess, info on next Metroid , and thats it for me.
What I mean by "REAL" is because Sticker Star was a spinoff (IMO) and we need a kickass story like in TTYD and SPM along with new characters and beautiful creative worlds like in TTYD and SPM. Also, SM3DW was a great game but we need the star collecting, life meter, gorgeous open world kind of 3D Mario game.

Posted on 05-02-14 11:25 PM Link | #40891
I really, really doubt that they would have info about the next 3D Mario game seeing as 3D World wasn't that long ago. And although I was disappointed by Sticker Star, I wouldn't say it was a spin-off, as SPM was much more different than the other two games in the series (not that that's a bad thing).

Posted on 05-02-14 11:30 PM Link | #40892
I think you didn't see the article that Nintendo is already working on the next 3D Mario game. Also, Nintendo made Super Mario 3D Land in 2011, which was one year and half AFTER Super Mario Galaxy 2. So anything's possible ;) Also, even though SPM was different than the previous two, it still had an epic story and creative worlds, which is what TTYD had. The only difference I see is the gameplay.

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