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09-19-20 05:17 PM

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Posted on 12-05-13 05:07 PM (rev. 3 of 12-05-13 05:09 PM) Link | #35692
Today I am sad to announce that Nelson Mandela is dead. One of mankind's greatest heroes has died. Mankind will never forget the great deeds he did.


I don't really need to tell everyone what he's done as everyone should know that. Anyway I'm out of words for this and it's sad that we've lost 2 great men in such a short time.

RIP :(

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Posted on 12-05-13 05:12 PM Link | #35693
How unfortunate :(

We learned a lot about him in history. RIP to him and I give all respects to his family.


Posted on 12-05-13 05:19 PM Link | #35697
Holy shit, news spreads fast. He had a lot of contributions to society.

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Posted on 12-05-13 06:41 PM Link | #35702
Ah. Idk, i never really liked him. He was an inspiration to some people, not really to others. He did live a long time, taking into account that 27 years of his life was in jail...

Posted on 12-05-13 06:57 PM Link | #35703
Dego, why would you post this is you have nothing positive to say at all? Mandela was great. Apartheid was terrible in South Africa and he helped end it.


Posted on 12-05-13 09:04 PM Link | #35706
Well, he was kind of antisemitic, i didnt like him for that.

Posted on 12-06-13 06:40 PM Link | #35735
Posted by Degolegodyl
Well, he was kind of antisemitic, i didnt like him for that.

The reason he was in jail was because he spoke out against the white government. He eventually emancipated millions and brought a new future to his country (and some might say his continent).

I think we can forgive him a little of that. He was clearly a man of equality.
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Posted on 12-06-13 09:20 PM Link | #35744
Hm... Uhm. Some people will say that Arafat was a peace loving guy... Well, I actually have a different opinion on him too. (AHEM SAME THING).
I can't like someone that is against my religion. (well, i could, but i choose not to lol)

(btw, arafat died from aids. He did not die by radiation. I know that studies suggest his body has radiation, but im sure that was planted once he died. He didnt die from it.)

Posted on 12-06-13 10:11 PM Link | #35746
Excuse me, but who is Nelson Mandela? (Take in mind I haven't had modern world history yet)

Posted on 12-06-13 11:06 PM Link | #35750
Mandela was essentially South Africa's Gandhi. He will be missed.

Posted on 12-07-13 01:32 PM Link | #35781
My government teacher went on and on about this guy in class on Friday...


Posted on 12-07-13 04:12 PM Link | #35796
Yeah, the announcements at my school talked about him for a while.

Posted on 12-09-13 12:49 PM Link | #35872
I have hear that in the News that Mandela has died. Rest in Piece Mandela. :( We gonna miss him.

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