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11-21-18 02:53 PM

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Posted on 11-21-13 09:27 AM Link | #35201
Thanksgiving is coming up next week! I wonder have any of you tried a tofu turkey. If you have tried a tofu turkey, what did it taste like?

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Posted on 11-21-13 02:46 PM Link | #35205
Thanksgiving was in september here in canada. Lol.

Posted on 11-21-13 03:27 PM Link | #35206
We don't have Thanksgiving in Norway (although I'm sure there are some Americans in Norway that still celebrate it) :P

I've also never tasted Turkey OR Tofu before (Turkey sounds good but I don't think I'd want to taste tofu anyway).

So...yeah :P

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Posted on 11-21-13 05:18 PM Link | #35207
I eat turkey but I have never eaten tofurkey. Although I like edamame and the like, but I do not like tofu. Tofu, for me, is an acquired taste which is why I do like tofu.

So as for what tofurkey tastes like, I am not certain because I have tried tofu but tofurkey. It is certainly possible that it tastes slightly similar to tofu, but with spices.

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Posted on 11-21-13 05:20 PM Link | #35208
Although I eat turkey, I do have family members who are vegetarian. I guess I need to go ask them what it tastes like.

Posted on 11-22-13 12:02 AM Link | #35226
I've eaten turkey before as well as tofu, but never tried tofu turkey. If I imagine having turkey shaped tofu on my plate, and then eating it.... Well it tastes like either plain or spiced tofu I guess.

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Posted on 11-22-13 12:26 AM Link | #35227
My family is vegetarian so i do eat Tofurky, it's not all that bad, then again i've never tried real turkey

Posted on 11-22-13 09:16 AM Link | #35236
Posted by Degolegodyl
Thanksgiving was in september here in canada. Lol.

This is the USA unless you're saying you're of Canada. :P

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Posted on 11-22-13 09:24 AM Link | #35238
You are evidently not from US are you...

Posted on 11-22-13 10:41 AM Link | #35240
Yes I'm of America. Canada is another country. If you're talking about both of those countries, then you'd refer to that as North America.

Here’s my Discord. Still setting stuff up though.

(post deleted) #35241

(post deleted) #35242

Posted on 11-27-13 01:47 PM Link | #35398
All I'm looking forward to is Black Friday on Amazon. We don't have Thanksgiving in Belgium.


Posted on 11-30-13 06:10 AM Link | #35513
what is thanksgiving?

Posted on 11-30-13 11:55 AM Link | #35523
What is Google?

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Posted on 11-30-13 12:00 PM Link | #35524
Never tried Tofurkey. Looks interesting. I like turkey and don't mind Tofu, but I don't know how well they would mix. But I will say though, turkey mixed with mashed potatoes and gravy is delicious xD


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