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04-21-19 12:44 AM

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Posted on 09-21-13 10:34 PM Link | #32872
I made my 2 best threads within 2 weeks that i joined back in the proboards forum. Including Try Out Galaxy which was very popular.
My point is, just because they are new, it doesnt mean they are bad.

Posted on 09-21-13 11:10 PM Link | #32875
Posted by gridatttack
Derp idea. Restricting new members form making threads its stupid and the forum feels unwelcome.
We mods are constantly watching the forum, so if a derp thread comes in, we will take it ASAP.
Also, the derp threads thing isnt partially to blame the mods only. Some users here reply to the derp threads, when they shouldn't.

Also, we can accomplish the restrictions you said with the permission system, so we admins impose them individually to users who deserves them.

There is also the permission system in which users can be banned from specific forums. So if a user keeps on making a derp thread in Gaming, for example, he or she can be blocked from even posting in Gaming.

Posted by gc
Two words.
Too complicated.

A stickied thread that shows what not to do (with handy colors and capitals) would be helpful. For the perhaps smaller percentage of new members that actually read the site. Oh well.

Yeah, the best idea would be a stickied thread. A few forums like General SMG Hacking and General SMG2.5 level design have stickied threads on what and what not to do.

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Posted on 09-22-13 04:03 AM Link | #32882
Posted by mariogalaxythree
Ok. Here is an idea I have. It could either really help us, or really hurt us, but it is still worth putting out there.
So basically, we would divide up our normal users into 2 power levels. The two power levels are:

-New Members. Basically, they would be able to post, comment on profiles, and send PM's, and do all the normal stuff normal users can do, except make new threads. Often, new threads by new members are just for asking stupid questions or are spam. We do get exceptions, but this system will eliminate almost ALL spambots as an added bonus. They can ask to post a thread to get permission, and if they have proved themselves, will be promoted to the next stage of normal users.

-Normal Members. Everything a normal member can do now. But normal members can be demoted to New Members if they post derp threads, or threads that are purely Postcount+++. So being demoted to a New Member could be an alternative to getting banned. Many users make threads asking a stupid question, and it often gets closed/trashed. With this new system, we could potentially clean up our thread quality and only let the good users post threads.

So, what do you think? This is just an idea. And we are NOT trying to discriminate. If a new user has a good thread to post, they can talk to an admin and get the perms to post a thread.

No. We're not one of those silly boards with high entry barriers that repel people more than anything else.

The solution of warning/banning problematic members has worked fine so far. Why change something that works?

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Main - Site help, bug reports, suggestions - New Thread Guidelines Thread closed

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