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04-02-20 02:12 AM

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Main - Trash - Super Mario 64 DS Hacking Thread closed

Posted on 07-10-12 11:39 PM Link | #215
As if you didn't know what this forum used to be, i've never really hacked it myself, but it seemed really interesting, to bad it didn't succeed. :durr:

Posted on 07-10-12 11:42 PM Link | #217
If you didn't hack it why make a thread about it? Arisotura would've made the thread if he wanted to show off a hack. This is for your own hacks.

Posted on 07-10-12 11:45 PM (rev. 2 of 07-10-12 11:45 PM) Link | #219
Umm...I swear this board was to talk about other game hacking in general. ^^; If mega-mario says it was for that oh well, you have me beat. But it doesn't look like it.

Posted on 07-11-12 12:17 AM Link | #223
It is. ray made it for his own tracks, and I made mine for my own hack.

Posted on 07-11-12 12:19 AM Link | #224
Umm...can't we just wait and see what Mega-Mario says? @_@

Posted on 07-11-12 12:21 AM Link | #225
No. We can't. :3

Because I've been on tons of Acmlmboards, and they are mainly for one's own hacks.

Posted on 07-11-12 12:23 AM Link | #226
Good luck with that, i'm going to bed. :P

Posted on 07-11-12 12:54 AM Link | #227
The Misc. ROM hacking forum is MADE for people to talk about other games and hack them. So this thread is OK in this forum (hence the name of the forum).

Posted on 07-11-12 07:09 AM Link | #235
This thread is pointless. Archives of the old Kuribo64 are linked on the blog. I'll also link them in a sticky here just in case.

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Main - Trash - Super Mario 64 DS Hacking Thread closed

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