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09-16-21 06:21 PM

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Main - Relaxland - A slight clarification about this place Thread closed

Posted on 07-07-12 05:38 AM (rev. 4 of 01-23-13 09:14 AM) Link | #11
This forum is meant for members to have some fun with whatever. Having fun is distinctly different from spamming the board, so keep it clean please.

Threads that are pure postcount++ or otherwise bring no content, will be trashed.

This rule also applies to individual posts. If a user keeps making low-quality posts in this forum or in a specific thread, they'll be blocked from posting in the concerned place.

I will also add details as to how this forum is moderated. I don't know about the rest of the staff, but I don't read threads in here often, and tend to let the place be more relaxed than the rest of the board. This does NOT mean you can do whatever you want. You guys should be mature enough to have fun without causing shit. If shit happens in a thread in here, the thread will be closed.

Also a note about CSS transforms and effects. Please try to keep them to a minimum. Remember that they'll also apply to certain pages in your post listings, which may be inconvenient.

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Main - Relaxland - A slight clarification about this place Thread closed

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