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10-15-18 06:52 AM

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Posted on 09-15-12 10:25 AM Link | #908
Kuribo64's current layout isn't really mobile-friendly, so I've been thinking about making a mobile layout for the site.

* mobile layout doesn't necessarily mean ugly. I'll do my best to make it still look good.

* the mobile layout should have as few images as possible. Perhaps it should use a simplified, image-less version of the default theme, rather than the standard board themes.

* in the same vein, it would use plaintext NEW/HOT/etc status icons instead of images. But that's not a high priority-- those icons are really not big.

* the banner would be replaced with a plaintext 'Kuribo64', in a font that isn't too large. Banner is wasting bandwidth on mobile devices, and it's too wide for mobile resolutions.

* similarly, the main menubar would have the view counter and clock removed. The menubar could also be made smaller or made to wraparound nicely.

* the newthread/newreply/sendprivate/etc forms would have the smilies/posthelp boxes removed. Perhaps an appropriate post toolbar can replace them?

* generally, the site design would be changed to be smaller and fit mobile resolutions better.

* and idk what to do about the ObjectDB. That thing is fucking huge.

If you have ideas to share, they're welcome.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul


Posted on 10-03-12 05:25 PM Link | #949
Well keep in mind it's not only phones and little things. I personally have been using my ipad a lot. and once this thing gets popular then I'll most likely start using that to check Kuribo64. Plus I only use Wifi :P

"I hate playing musical chats" ~ Quote of the month

Posted on 10-03-12 05:31 PM Link | #950
iPads are uh, I don't know how to qualify them. They have wide resolutions but the screen is still small compared to a desktop monitor or even a laptop screen. So I would still qualify them as mobile devices.

Anyway, if the mobile layout gets done, it will be made optional. As a default behavior, the board will autodetect small devices, but there will be a profile option or cookie to override it.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul


Posted on 10-14-12 07:50 PM (rev. 2 of 10-15-12 07:22 AM) Link | #1019
I don't think a mobile UI would be needed for tablets.

At least on my tablet, the board can be browsed and read just fine without any zooming.

Edit: Here's a screenshot.

Main - Site help, bug reports, suggestions - Ideas for a mobile layout New reply

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