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07-20-19 11:18 AM

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Posted on 03-30-13 05:25 PM Link | #18847
This level is probably the best SMG2 custom stage I've made so far. I wish I could have added some decoration such as electric rails but it looks like the level wasn't capable of handling more objects.

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Posted on 03-30-13 05:35 PM Link | #18848
The lag, it burns!

Besides that it's a really good level. Seems pretty insane to me

Posted on 03-30-13 06:41 PM Link | #18850
Wow, that must've taken so long to actually complete, especially with 2 failed attempts with the shell and the comet medal.
I wonder how fast it would run on a Wii U.
It looks fantastic for only being able to use objects IN THE GAME

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Posted on 03-30-13 11:30 PM Link | #18864
Seriously, amazing.
Too bad about the lag, really. If it wasn't for the lag...

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Posted on 03-30-13 11:33 PM Link | #18865
Nice level!

hm...Those spinning platforms, they're from Space Storm, correct?

This level reminds me a lot of those NSMBW puzzle levels that you make xD


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Posted on 03-31-13 07:47 AM Link | #18872
Agent pointed out on the irc that the comet medal is really creative in this. I would love to use the concept of a linear teleportation challenge to reach the medal in one of our galaxies. This shows how creative we can be with things that already exist.

Posted on 03-31-13 08:11 AM Link | #18873
This level is ridiculous..
Amazingly ridiculous.


Posted on 03-31-13 08:39 AM Link | #18879
Nice level! So Choppahs can be given maximum speed, huh? Also, 50% of the objects in this level are from SMG2, and the other 50% are from SMS.

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Posted on 03-31-13 09:00 AM Link | #18881
This is insane. It's worthy of a lot. ;)

It's inspired me to start doing some level creation again. Expect something in the next 30 years. :P
Status: It was really, really fun, guys - thanks for the ride!

Main - Archived forums - General SMG hacking - I've finally finished another SMG2 level New reply

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