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01-24-21 04:09 PM

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Posted on 02-14-20 09:16 AM (rev. 3 of 02-14-20 09:52 AM) Link | #98498
I had previously started projecting an unofficial continuation of the hack by Russmars2, losing faint a while after. Now, I'd like to give this project a reboot. The main aim of this continuation is to give the White Door a bigger role, maybe retexturing it to be purple and adding an upside down L maybe.
I am not able to edit vertex colours: They don't get loaded in Blender! How can I edit them?

Posted on 03-24-20 03:04 PM (rev. 3 of 03-24-20 03:11 PM) Link | #98935
Hello, I`m a big fan of Waluigi but can you please make a screenshot of your project because its very cool! ,Im newbie and can i help you?

Posted on 11-15-20 06:51 PM Link | #99856
is the mod done yet? if so can i please have a download link

Posted on 11-15-20 09:01 PM Link | #99857
I can come to a conclusion that this project is dead and probably barely even started. However, there are other Waluigi mods out there, for example, by russmarrs2.

Lemmy R4 Player
Posted on 11-24-20 02:21 PM Link | #99874
Yeah I know about that one

Lemmy Koopa number 1,Gaming number 1.;)

Main - SM64DS hacks - Waluigi in SM64ds Version 5 unofficial - Reboot New reply

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