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08-07-20 07:55 PM

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Main - Misc. ROM hacking - getting a Toad to spawn a star with MSBT/MSBF! - Super Mario Galaxy 2 New reply

Posted on 07-21-19 07:05 PM Link | #97944
hey, i'm HEYimHeroic. in this post, i'm gonna teach you guys here how to get a Kinopio NPC to spawn a star using text! i tried making this tutorial as beginner friendly as possible, so if you messed up somewhere, impressive! leave a reply and i'll try helping you out. you can also DM me on here at Kuribo64 (HEYimHeroic), on Discord (@HEYimHeroic#3565), or on Twitter (@HEYimHeroic, notice a pattern?). but without any further ado, let's begin! i decided to write this tutorial here because Kuribo64 came up in a Google search of "how to mod smg2" and i'm absolutely sure that this place has no negative history with modding the game whatsoever and absolutely everyone here is ecstatic to be seeing more SMG2 modding-related content on the board. :)

for advanced users, a very short TL;DR will be at the bottom of this post in a spoiler.

in this tutorial, you will learn:
- how to add a Kinopio NPC into your galaxy
- give this NPC text, along with two _Flows
- enable this NPC to spawn a Power Star when talking to them

before continuing, you will need to already know:
- basic controls of Whitehole
- basic file knowledge
- intermediate scenario editing knowledge (or basic Dossun2 usage)
- the fact that Slimy Spring Galaxy has the best music in the entire game and you can't convince me otherwise
- how to properly run Super Mario Galaxy 2 mods
- how to add text to a custom galaxy of yours (and basic .msbt text editing)

here are some things you'll need before beginning:
- a way to properly run Super Mario Galaxy 2 mods
- arcTools (download)
- msbconv (download)
- a full dump of Super Mario Galaxy 2 (download)
- a computer silly :) (download)

who made arcTools and msbconv? i don't know! doesn't that show how close knitted this community is :)

so now let's actually begin. i'll tell you a secret: i have no idea what i'm doing. but, Slimy Spring Galaxy, or more specifically, ShortSwimCaveZone, knows exactly what they're doing. so let's just copy what they did.

first things first, you're gonna want to go to /LocalizeData/UsEnglish/MessageData/ and make a new folder called /ShortSwimCaveZone/. in the /MessageData/ folder, copy ShortSwimCaveZone.arc and paste it in your new folder, /ShortSwimCaveZone/. once it's in there, drag ShortSwimCaveZone.arc onto arcExtract.exe and delete ShortSwimCaveZone.arc.

great! you just learned how to unzip a file! now, copy ShortSwimCaveZone.msbf and paste it in YourCoolGalaxy's /MessageData/ .arc file (YourCoolGalaxy being whatever the name of your galaxy is). rename ShortSwimCaveZone.msbf to YourCoolGalaxy.msbf and drag YourCoolGalaxy.msbt onto msbconv.exe. open the .xml file with something like Notepad++ and do three things:

1. add an entry for a Kinopio000_Flow000 and Kinopio000_Flow001 (must be Kinopio000. it is probably easy to edit the .msbf using TheSunCat's secret Whitehole 1.6 .msbf editor and changing the .msbf from Kinopio000 to KinopioXXX, but for the sake of this tutorial, let's just keep the MessageID 0).
2. change the text of _Flow000 to whatever text you want Toad to say before spawning the Power Star. i recommend all text types that aren't shout, though i haven't tested shout here yet.
3. change the text of _Flow001 to whatever text you want Toad to say after spawning the Power Star. all text types should work fine here, but i only really recommend talk and shout, as there's no need for the auto stuff since Toad will immediately talk to you again after spawning the Power Star anyways.
once you're done, drag YourCoolGalaxy.xml onto msbconv.exe and drag the /YourCoolGalaxy/ folder onto arcPack.exe.

cool! we're almost done. next, you want to edit the Power Star Appearance (use either Dossun2 or a .bcsv editor for this) and change whatever Power Star you want to be spawned to a Power Star Appearance of Kinopio. if you don't do this, your galaxy will crash.

next, boot up Whitehole, and add a new Kinopio object. give the little guy a MessageID of 0, and change his obj_arg3 (the first Unknown setting) to 0. this is important, as if his obj_arg3 is not set to 0, he will not spawn the Power Star, and he'll do funky stuff if you talk to him, and then crash the game. customize him to look any way you want to.

finally, make sure the Power Star has a... oh, actually, the Power Star needs nothing special. just remember that wherever you place the Power Star is where the Toad will spawn it, so usually make sure it's nearby. otherwise, he'd be throwing the Power Star across the map, and with how small his arms are, that seems kinda impossible.

and there you have it! there's my tutorial on how to get a Kinopio to spawn a Power Star using text. now that i did a thing, i can rest easy for the next two weeks and not do anything productive ever again. hope this helped!

copy ShortSwimCaveZone's .msbf,
give Kinopio000 a _Flow000 and _Flow001 in the .msbt,
set the Power Star Appearance to Kinopio in the ScenarioData,
and make sure the Toad has a MessageID of 0 and an obj_arg3 of 0.

hat's off to you, kuribo64. we all had one hell of a--wait, we can stay?

Posted on 07-22-19 06:51 AM Link | #97947
Great tutorial, looking forward to other ones!

"I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft." -Bill Gates

Main - Misc. ROM hacking - getting a Toad to spawn a star with MSBT/MSBF! - Super Mario Galaxy 2 New reply

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